Review Analysis of Cerner And Amazing Charts EMR Software

Review Analysis of Cerner And Amazing Charts EMR Software

Are you certain Cerner EHR is your best bet? Have you explored the vendor’s reviews yet? If not, then that means you are just following the crowd. There’s no way you can tell if the solution is capable enough to handle your clinical workflow without going through the reviews. It is because the reviews highlight the true potential of the EHR platforms. Whether it’s Cerner or any other software you are seeking, first go for the user’s perspective. 

It will reveal to you even the darker aspects of EHR solutions. Reviews hold nothing back and share all significant points a client should know while making a life-changing decision for his practice. It’s a common practice for clinicians to pen down the salient alternatives in the review section so the readers can go for a competent alternative. In our case, the top-rated alternative to the Cerner EMR system is Amazing Charts EMR Software

This article focuses on a one-on-one Cerner vs Amazing Charts review analysis. However, instead of starting right from the review section, we think it’s better if we take a quick glance at the general overview of both solutions. This way, you will get to know where the prime focus of these solutions lies. Also, you can easily assess which software goes along your practice’s goals while going through the overview of EHR platforms. 

Amazing Charts EMR:

Amazing Charts EMR is the invention of a practicing family physician who is well aware of the needs of practitioners. The vendor works even for independent practices putting its tech-savvy services into action. It meets the standard of healthcare organizations so practices can maintain a sustainable position in the market. Moreover, it offers multiple third-party integrations to set straight all the clinical processes. 

Cerner EMR:

Cerner is a versatile EMR solution built for the greater good of care providers. It optimizes the bottom line of all healthcare centers with its intuitive functionalities. This care platform enhances clinical efficiency by breeding seamless communication and smooth data exchange. Transforming the medical care practices, Cerner paves their way to success. Above all, it assures consistent growth without compromising the care quality. 

Cerner EMR vs Amazing Charts Review Analysis

Now we will review Cerner EMR and Amazing Charts EMR from the user’s perspective. It is the best way to get authentic and unbiased opinions about EHR solutions. While going through the reviews you will come across many enticing facts about the capabilities, add-on services, and even the downsides of the EHR solutions. In our case, the EHR solutions to review in the light of user feedback are Amazing Charts EMR and Cerner EMR. 

Amazing Charts EMR Reviews:

We conducted a thorough review of Amazing Charts EMR by evaluating the feedback left by the users. All reviews led to one thing, unparalleled configurability, and customizability. There’s no review of Amazing Charts EMR missing this eloquent service. The benefits and supremacy of this vendor is not restricted to this one quality, but it is the most commonly highlighted one. So let’s have a quick glance at the salient benefits and drawbacks of Amazing Charts EMR. 



The vendor is known for working in compliance with the regulatory bodies. It is even Meaningful Use certified so users can benefit from the government incentives. 

Centralized Database:

Amazing Charts reviews show it uses a centralized database. As a result, practitioners can tab through the entire patient database from a single location. 

Voice Recognition:

The fact that Amazing Charts allows for voice-dictation is also outlined in the reviews. It paves the way for practitioners to bid farewell to manual data entry processes. 


Another top-rated feature of Amazing Charts as per the reviews is. It offers flexible deployment methods. Clinicians can opt for on-premise or cloud-based deployment. 

Reduced Redundancy:

Thai exclusive solution mitigates the redundancy from clinical processes to nurture streamlined patient visits. It does so by offering hundreds of pre-built yet customizable templates. 



The clients raise no issue except complaining about the sluggishness of Amazing Charts EMR in the review section. The vendor gets stuck during updates which hinder clinical activities. 

Cerner EMR Reviews:

We practiced the same procedure to review Cerner EMR, assessing the reviews. While going through the user’s perspectives, we found one thing in common, their liking for diversity. Cerner is common among medical practices for its unprecedented diversity and versatility. The software is highly versatile and offers variant services for community care centers, rural care centers, and enterprise-grade healthcare organizations. 

Find out what more clients think about Cerner EMR Software in the subsequent para. 


One-click Access:

Cerner EMR is known for providing instant data access. All the patient information from medical history, demographics, and more can be assessed with a single click. 

Reduces Work Pressure:

This robust solution simplifies clinicians’ workload by keeping them updated on all the pending tasks. This allows clinicians to work with a stress-free mind. 

Health Network:

Cerner uses Health Network infrastructure, allowing clients to expand their work base. In addition, this network can be used to integrate the financial and clinical aspects of practices. 

Sepsis Surveillance: 

In the review analysis of Cerner EMR, we learned that it features a sepsis surveillance tool. As a result, physicians can identify patients at risk of sepsis way before their diagnosis. 

Patient Kiosk:

Cerner proves it is genuinely a patient-engaging tool by featuring patient kiosk service. Patients can smoothly check in without having to stand in queues. Also, the Kiosk supports e-signature facilities for intake forms. 



There’s a conflict in the reporting service of Cerner EMR. Some clients state Cerner lacks robust reporting tools for financial performance analysis. As for Health Analytics, this EMR leaves no stone unturned. 

Unnecessary Clicks

In some, not all processes, there’s a need for making unnecessary clicks. As per our review analysis, users think of it as a time-wasting process that causes disruption in workflow. 

Cerner vs Amazing Charts: The Conclusion

This was all we gathered from this Cerner EMR vs Amazing Charts EMR comparison. Both these platforms offer one-in-a-kind services to assist medical professionals. So don’t just rely on this article. Instead, choose between these after conducting a thorough features assessment too.

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