Some common myths and facts about Pink Himalayan Rock Salt

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Pink Himalayan Rock Salt

Over the years, Himalayan Salt vs Sea Salt has gained a lot of popularity. It is said to be the purest form of salt available to mankind. You all might already be aware about how salt plays an integral part of our lives. Without salt, your food will just taste super dull and the required nutrients will not reach your body and can cause deficiency   diseases in future. Pink salt, which is mined from the Khewra Salt Mine, in Pakistan, contains up to 84 trace minerals. There are many other facts and myths about pink salt which we will address below so you can have a crystal clear idea about this wonder salt!

  • MYTH: Pink Himalayan Rock Salt is overpriced due to its rising popularity

FACT: Pink Salt is surely a bit expensive as compared to regular salt but it is due to many reasons. You will find no added chemicals, preservatives or artificial colours in this salt. On top of that, pink salt has many proven health benefits as well because of the minerals found in it. It is also said to be the purest salt found on Earth with healing properties. Hence, you can expect a slight price difference.

  • MYTH: Adding  pink salt to your diet might cause Iodine Deficiency in your body.

FACT: Pink Himalayan Rock Salt does contain a lesser amount of Iodine % but you need not worry about it if you are not diagnosed with any clinical condition or have a specific requirement of high iodine in your daily dietary habits. If you make sure that you have various other sources for iodine intake to your body, i.e milk and milk products like yogurt, cheese etc you can be rest assured.

  • MYTH: Pink salt is “Organic” and so is also called “Organic Himalayan Pink Salt”.

FACT: Pink Himalayan Rock Salt is a mineral! A mineral can never be called organic or inorganic. It can only be pure or impure. Also, pink salt is said to be the purest salt on Earth. So you can sit back, relax and enjoy this salty delicacy without any hesitation.

  • MYTH: Pink Salt and the benefits of pink salt are a big publicity gimmick.

FACT: Exclusively known for its mineral content and health benefits, you can still start noticing the difference in your lifestyle only if you use it consistently for a period of time. Salt is a significant part of our lives and you should consider consuming the purest form of salt, like pink salt. It will surely end up becoming a healthy alternative for your lifestyle.

  • MYTH: Pink Salt is said to be sourced directly from the Himalayas.

FACT: The real story behind the discovery of the Pink Himalayan Rock Salt mine goes like this: It was the army of Alexander the Great who found that their horses started licking these unusual pink coloured salt rocks. That’s how it was when it was first introduced to humans. Now, it is harvested from Khewra Mines, in  Pakistan. It is also said that these deposits are the remains of a salt lagoon which started evaporating 800 million years back! Interesting, isn’t it?

  • MYTH: The expiry date of pink salt comes too early, just like regular table salt.

FACT: Regular table salt is believed to expire within 5 years because of certain chemicals that they contain, but pink salt surprisingly doesn’t have any expiry! This is so because it is all natural with no anti-caking agents or preservatives. It has been existing for millions or thousands of years already without getting spoiled. You just have to make sure that you store it well and keep it away from excessive heat and moisture.

  • MYTH:  Pink Salt can only be used as a substitute to regular table salt.

FACT: Apart from being a better alternative to regular salt, in sprucing up your delicacies,  pink salt has medicinal and healing properties. It can be used as a bath salt or scrub. It will act as a perfect medium for nourishing your skin and rejuvenating it. You will feel calm and relaxed.  Experience these gentle benefits of pink salt for yourself.

  • MYTH: If you plan to buy Himalayan Pink Salt from online sources, the quality may not be as good.

FACT:  The fact that this is a new product doesn’t make it lose its quality at any cost. You might be hesitant for any online purchase but it will be just as good as the offline. That’s a promise by HaveRaw. To get the best quality available, buy himalayan pink salt 950 g from HaveRaw.

Over the years, due to lack of awareness and various marketing gimmicks, several misconceptions have happened about Pink Salt. This blog is our effort to put those myths to rest. Got more questions? Feel free to comment below and we will be happy to answer them.

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