Some Explanations Why Your Drains Are Blocked Here In The Eastern Suburbs.

Drains Are Blocked

If you have not experienced a blocked drain or a pipe in your lifetime then it is something that is going to happen to you at least once. It is incredibly inconvenient when it does occur and you can get quite dirty trying to clean it up all by yourself. The first signs that your drains are blocked starts when you’re taking a shower and the water starts pooling around your feet and doesn’t show any signs of draining away quickly. Another sign might be at the kitchen sink when you are washing the dishes and once again, the water is slow to recede.

This is usually a sign that you have blocked drains in Eastern suburbs and so this would certainly be a time to call on your local professional plumber or a plumbing company to help you out. They will have all of the essential equipment needed to address such an issue and they will be able to come out to your property and fix everything. If you are somewhat confused as to why your drains could get blocked then the following are some explanations.

  • Grease & fat – Sometimes we don’t properly stretch our plates and so if we have had a particularly greasy breakfast then this can accumulate in your drain and it sticks to the lining of your pipes. Over time, it can build up and lead to the full blockage of your drainage system. Another issue might be fat blocking your pipes and this can come from cooking oil that you use or maybe even the soap that ends up going down your drain.
  • Hair blockages – You wouldn’t believe the amount of hair that comes off your head every time that you take a shower and of your body as well. Each individual Australian will lose up to 100 hairs a day and it all has to go somewhere. It usually ends up blocking your drains in your bathroom and your sinks as well. Once all of the hair starts to tangle together, it can end up being quite a large lump stuck in your pipes.
  • Putting toiletries down the toilet – The name doesn’t suggest that it is acceptable to put such things down your toilet but you would be surprised at the number of teenagers who try to flush away tampons, sanitary pads and roles of tissue paper down there. It is important that you keep a trash bin right beside the toilet to encourage the same people to throw these items in there. Talk to your young children about not putting things down the toilet and it is not a never ending trash bin.

It may be the case however that your pipes are just broken and it may be that your property is quite old and so the plumbing is as well. The good news however, is that you can get these same pipes relined and maybe your service provider can do this job for you as well.

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