Some Tips For Making Your Home Look And Feel More Spacious!

Making Your Home Look And Feel More Spacious

After buying a new home and living in it for a few years, we almost always see things that could be improved. Not enough windows, an unnecessary wall, and other features that some renovation could fix, reshaping your home so it can reach its full potential as the perfect place for you to live! We will now share some fun renovation ideas that you might find useful as you consider sprucing up your home!

Door Wall – Here’s the scenario- say your living room or dining room’s outer wall faces your back garden, but there is no door leading directly out to it. That wall has some windows, but they are an afterthought, just a few smallish panes to let in a bit of light, but only providing a glimpse of the garden beyond. it just so happens we have the perfect solution, replace that entire wall and its tiny little windows with a wall-wide set of stacking doors that will solve both problems and open up your dim interior to the glorious world outside! Stacking doors are sliding glass doors that can be drawn one over the next to allow you to open and close them in a variety of configurations. They can stretch across the entire wall from floor to ceiling, giving you a flexible egress to your garden while providing your interior with loads of light and lovely views looking out! It will almost feel like there’s no wall at all, and that will be nearly true when you open the doors to their maximum! When it gets chilly or the wind comes up you can just close them all, while still retaining the light in and the view out!

No Walls At All – Suppose that your home’s kitchen, dining room, and living room are all divided by walls with only an average door or narrow opening to allow passage between them. Why? Why are those walls even there? They just make each room feel smaller and more cramped. You can probably guess our solution, tear down those walls! Instead of a series of little rooms, transform those spaces into one big, open room! Now your home’s chef won’t be stuck by themselves labouring over the meal in the kitchen, they can be part of the party and visit with family and friends while they cook since there is no longer a wall dividing them! Your home will instantly feel, and be, more spacious!

Bathroom Window – They used to call the bathroom a “water closet”, and although that name has passed out of fashion, the truth remains that most home’s bathrooms are just that, a closet with water! Typical bathrooms have just one small window to let in a bit of light and air, and many times it’s frosted, as if someone is going to peek in at you! Tear open that wall and put a bigger, better window in with no frosting, you can just add curtains for privacy! Sunshine and fresh air in the bathroom? Sounds pretty nice!

The Australian Government has more great renovation ideas on their Your Home website. We hope this inspires you to make your home bigger and brighter without having to add on any new rooms!

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