Sportzone: The Best Place for Sneakers and Sports Wear

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SportZone is the largest chain of sports stores in Portugal, offering a wide range of articles and equipment for different sports, either in prestigious brands or with several options in private brands, which emphasize design, price and quality.

It has total of 39 own stores and offering its Customers around 15,000 references. Inaugurated in 1997, the first Sport Zone store was a pioneer in the national market, by launching the concept of stores specializing in sports and betting on a wide variety of sports and sports brands, in various segments.

What is SportZone?


This is one of the oldest stores on the market. With its headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal, it has 39 stores in Portugal and 19 in Spain, and has affiliates in France and Belgium. 9mm Ammo

Sporting sections:

The main sport sections are the Shooting & Cross Country.

Sport Zone also has dedicated sections for ball games such as Basketball, Football and Hockey, along with accessories.

Sport Zone has a small Apparel section selling typical Football gear and sports clothing for football players.

In September 2018 Sport Zone opened its first outlet in Saudi Arabia, in Jeddah.

Sport Zone sells some well-known brands such as Adidas, Benetton, Reebok, Sportivest, Y-3, Nike, Next, Puma, Quicksilver, etc.

more than 25 brands available in its stores.

How to find the best pair of shoes for you?

Nowadays, the choice of sports shoes are so wide that it makes us often think to leave the house with something just to walk in it for a little, or a couple of hours, or maybe even the whole day.

We live in the age of progress and health, but there are always many occasions for people to make an exception, simply for the reason to be innovative and to show off. Sportsman

The point is that you can always change shoes. What would you do? Accept the fact that you were not the first to ever buy a pair of shoes? How was it possible that you were not the only one? What did you choose to wear? How many shoes did you already have?

You always have the choice to get a new pair of shoes.

How to find the best sports wear for you?

You can order your sports clothing and shoes online, you can visit SportZone stores or you can go to shops that are specialized in sports such as Nike, Adidas or Puma.

The new trend in footwear design is evolving from high-end premium styles and performance models, to casual styles that are more comfortable, soft, and easy to walk in, yet still have a strong fashion edge.

And if you are interested in self-testing boots you can visit SportZone stores, where the range of self-testing boots will satisfy all your needs.

If you want to try out different styles before buying. You can try out shoes and boots for free in SportZone stores. Also you can save up to 30% on the shoes that you select.

Benefits of shopping at SportZone

Benefits of shopping at Sport Zone are the good-looking, high-quality, special private brands. They have been designed to be suitable for both professional and casual use, at reasonable prices.

From brands such as Reebok, Puma, New Balance, Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Vertbaudet, Crussh, Formeodarme and Mo-Ssee. The products are guaranteed to match both the professional and casual requirements. And the staff is prepared to offer personal help and suggestions.

The best advantage of Sport Zone stores is the possibility of having them delivered within 24 hours to all Portuguese towns and cities in both online and in store mode.

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