What is Dark Humour?

Dark Humour

There are many different types of comedy that exist today. Everyone has their personal preference for which type of comedy they like. Some like clean, family-friendly comedy, while others are into romantic comedy, and then there’s a dark comedy, which most people enjoy at some point or the other. Dark humour or dark comedy is a comic style that makes fun of a subject matter that is usually considered to be taboo. This usually includes subjects that are typically considered to be painful or serious to discuss.

The meaning of dark humour can vary from person to person since all of us feel differently about a given topic or subject. For most youngsters today, though, dark humour translates to mean jokes that are about general life and are told in a very distressing way. However, at the same time, nowadays, many people try to pass off or hide homophobic, racist, and misogynist comments under the garb of dark humour. Many comedians today also try to pass off dark humour to mean using a lot of cuss words instead of actually working on their performance or act.

In order to understand what is dark humour, one needs to understand that for the current generation, the idea of humour is no longer the same as it was for the previous generations. Youngsters find swearing to be cool and funny.

Those who appreciate dark humour know the difference between those who are simply being unfunny comedians and real dark humour. When you learn standup comedy, it is very important to also to learn the do’s and don’ts of dark humour. Norway, in a post-pandemic world, with everything being online, many people with a keen interest in comedy are taking comedy acting classes online. In such cases, be sure to understand that being provocative and thinking you are wooing the crowd with dark humour is not right. If you want to include dark humour in your act, make sure to avoid racism or any kind of toxic content.

With several online comedy courses offering sessions off the shelf, learning the nuances of dark humour is no longer a challenge.  You just need to ensure that you select the online course that is worth your investment and helps you polish your act too! 

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