Steps for finding a small office space rental in Singapore

small office space


Finding a small office space rental in Singapore can be tricky if you’re to narrow down your search. You will have to find the unique things that make your company stand out which is not always easy.

The process can be tedious, but it doesn’t have to be! There are some steps that are helpful when looking for small office space rental in Singapore:

1. What is your business focus?

Is your company a startup or established? Startups can benefit from co-working spaces or a shared office space rental. It’s helpful to locate other potential clients and partners who would be in the same business environment as you. Established companies can find attractive office space rental through private offices or coworking arrangements.

2. Finding your perfect location

Once you have determined that your company would be most suitable for co-working or shared office space, you can start looking for the perfect locations. The location does not have to be central; it could be within your budget.

Co-working spaces are spread all over the city, so you need to do a bit of research on where they are located in order to get the best deals. The size of an office depends largely on the type of business that would be housed inside.

3. What type of office space is suitable for your business?

A typical office space will have an area of 500 sq ft to 1,000 sq ft. The size of the space is dependent on the number of people within the company and their job role, as well as their productivity. The more people who occupy a certain office at once, then the bigger the need for a bigger space.

4. Contact the owner

Finding a small office space can be tricky and it’s important to be tenacious. Write a list of questions regarding the cost, available amenities and future plans. The more thorough you are in your interview, then you will be able to get the best deal possible. There is no need to pay too much for shared office space, so be sure to check out these walk-throughs of offices before signing an agreement.

5. Get clear on your budget

Pre-planning your finances is essential before visiting the office space. You can save yourself from dealing with a surprise outcome. There will be an agreed upon price for the office along with some hidden fees that you may not have thought of.

6. Negotiate

Make sure you negotiate on the financial deal and other terms of the lease before any signatures are done. You should also clarify the terms regarding how long you can stay. Ask for as many details as possible and make sure that you’re getting all the rights to the office space. Ensure that your company is staying in office space that is profitable, with no hidden fees.

7. Get a written agreement

Once all your questions have been answered and you have agreed upon a term of five years, then it’s time to negotiate on the cost of rent and money for investment for the maintenance of the building.

Office spaces are cheaper if you are willing to do a lot of work on yourself. A small office is almost free when it comes to rent if you’re honest about using your space for work. However, it may cost you in time and effort that would have been spared if you had a bigger office.

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