Stylish and Sustainable Update Ideas to Make Your Home Healthier 


We are becoming more eco-conscious. More people want to learn how to lead sustainable lifestyles. As you plan on a home remodeling project, be eco-conscious. Give a thought to the following ideas to create a healthier and eco-friendlier home.

Shower Your Home with More Natural Light and Airflow 

The best thing about natural light and airflow is that they are free. Many homeowners don’t build homes to let in enough natural air and light. Install skylights to pull in more natural light if your home doesn’t allow enough light. Add large windows around your home to enhance ventilation in your home. You can also invest in automatic ventilation systems to control how you let in air. Replace concrete walls with glass and create more reflective surfaces around your home. Bright paint can also create an illusion of natural light in your home.

Most of these home remodeling projects require a set of skills and expertise. Therefore, hire a general contractor to oversee the home remodeling project. General contractors bring the skills and experience needed to run a smooth and productive remodeling process. Capitalize on the general contractor’s team, skills, and experience for better home remodeling results. On top of that, professional home remodeling contractors warrant their work.

Install Solar Panels

Take a step towards leading a sustainable life by investing in solar panels for your home. Solar power equipment and systems get clean and renewable energy from the sun. It can produce sufficient energy to power your home during summer and spring. Furthermore, solar energy is free, thus sustainable.

Use Sustainable Building Material

Use sustainable building materials to remodel your home. Go for sustainably sourced woods and other building materials. You can also repurpose some items instead of buying new building materials. Don’t forget to examine the sustainability level of the material. Most of these materials have sustainability ratings and certifications. Avoid products that contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Use Organic Paints to Add Color to Your Home

Color gives your home the stylish look it deserves. However, most paints off gases that are harmful to our health. Go for paints that have zero or lower levels of VOCs. As you shop for your paints, check their VOC level, organic label, and the ingredients used. Buy paints manufactured using natural products. Such paints off little to no smell. The only disadvantage is they are not durable. They wear off if you expose them to the elements.

Install Energy Efficient Lighting

Swap your lighting to energy-efficient lighting. Use energy-efficient lighting options to create different moods and aura around your home. Use LED lights to highlight the architectural design and décor pieces around your home. They come in assorted color temperatures. Create breathtaking scenes around your home by installing different LED color temperatures. Cool white LED light works best in offices or study rooms. Neutral white produces light that mimics sunlight. Warm white LED light creates a relaxing mood. Use such lights in your living area, bedrooms, and other relaxation rooms.

Install Water Filters

Water filters reduce the need to buy bottled water which comes in plastic bottles. The filters remove dirt, dust, and other harmful matter present in water. Installing water filters around your home is a step towards conserving the environment.

Think of Planting Drought Tolerant Plants in Outdoor and Indoor Spaces

Drought tolerant plants need a little amount of water to survive and thrive. Such plants thrive with little maintenance, hence saving time, water, and cost. Plants purify the air, thus, complementing the airflow systems around your home. Think about adding drip irrigation to irrigate your yard and lawn. Install pipes and tanks to collect rainwater to irrigate your lawn, garden, and yard.

Monitor Your Energy Consumption by Installing a Smart Meter

Heating and cooling systems present in our homes consume a lot of energy. You need a mechanism that monitors and controls how these appliances consume electricity. You can program the smart meter to shut down the appliances when they reach a certain consumption limit. Besides, a smart meter makes energy consumption more visible.


Stylish and sustainable home remodeling saves you money. It also lets you conserve the environment and live in a healthy home. Go the green way as you remodel your home.

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