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Test CPS

CPS is also known as “click every second”, and the Test CPS or KOHI Click Test instructions help us determine how fast we can click. There are several pages for checking click speed that can be used to check the speed of clicks on the Internet. An effective LED CPS test will help you test the superiority of your computer mouse and know that it has real potential when you send it to your computer.

Click test sites are great for finding out how fast you can click with your mouse. These pages will test your click speed over time. (usually one click every second) and include the click rate as shown in the presentation during the test.

If you need to run the Kohi click test or the CPS test to really see your mouse speed. You can use this internet click speed test right now.

Best Pages To Test CPS

Test CPS


This is one of the most commonly used sites to test clickthrough speed across the planet. The website saves time and schedules a constant rate of snapshots of your impact during the test.

The best thing about this CPS site is that there are no time limits, and each time it stops, it sets a normal shooting speed that depends on the time during testing.


This is an amazing view, allowing you to control your shooting from any other device. It has a unique selection on the back and invites its customers with a large rectangular field that a customer must click to check the CPS score.
test, this click speed test site leads to the final diagram of the visual image. You can click the green box for 10 seconds to see how many snaps your PC mouse can allow.


This site offers 6 unique types of speed tests that can help you determine your true CPC speed. second. You can test your click speed for up to 100 seconds in the first 5 tests and there is also CPS (clicks every second).

In addition, the sixth test is performed clearly short, to measure the pictures every second by constantly pressing to determine the maximum number of pictures in the second slot, where they can be allowed by a computer mouse.


You can join the test because this click speed testing site has a suite of speed tests. Speed ​​test kits always start out incredibly cool, so there isn’t just an accurate snapshot showing every tracking result. Within 10 seconds of startup. You need to click quickly and there is a single result in the CPS score type that shows the capacity of the mouse.

You should recommend Streak Player on your computer to play the click speed test game.


This click test site offers an instant 60 second test to measure your CPS score. You need to click the mouse as fast as possible during the test.

Shows the number of snapshots that can be taken at one time.

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