Touched by an Angel Beauty School and Salons Business and its Success Tips

Touched by an Angel

Touched by an Angel Beauty School and salons offers you a highly qualified service with a jovial and innovative spirits that characterizes us. We are a fashion benchmark in trends in the hairdressing and aesthetic sector where you will show off a recovered and vigorous hair worked on the basis of avant-garde techniques and exclusive treatments. Therefore, we also bring our clients the most elegant designs for nails that are in trend this season. Give a special touch to your hair and skin and choose the model that you like best to use it daily or for a special occasion. You will love it!!

Some success tips from our specialist, Patricia Terry.

1. In a blacksmith’s house, a wooden knife. Don’t let it happen to you, keep an excellent appearance

It is difficult to sell beauty when you and your team do not look beautiful with the same services that you offer in your salon. Make sure their cuts, color and nails are flawless by helping them with free product samples and exchanging services with colleagues.

2. Have a menu that details your services

Like in a restaurant, customers make easier choices and try other things if they can know the details. So, imagine that you are going to make the menu for a restaurant and replace the ingredients with the products and procedures of the service that help your customers understand what they will get.

A good description suggests a greater value of the service, making it easier for the customer to value it and you can charge it better!

3. Offer a memorable experience

All clients, new or old, must feel that your salon treats them differently. Make sure that each visit has something special, a diagnosis, a massage, a sample of a product, anything that makes the client know that your salon is doing better.

4. He who does not show does not sell

As well as your notice and design of the room, your image on social networks is key. Make sure your clients find you on Google Maps, Facebook and Instagram. A personal profile is not enough. Create a business account for your salon. Make sure to post any of these things at least 2 times a week photos or videos with:

  • Examples of the different services you offer
  • Beauty tips for your clients
  • Beauty events where you have participated
  • Your team working and happy customers

5. Advise your client, do not sell him

You are the person your client trusts the most in relation to their image and beauty. Complement your services with products. Do it naturally within the conversation, advising and educating the client and you will see that the sale will occur naturally. Touched by an Angel Salon got fame by keeping this tip its top priority.

That your color works for example, do not wash it with a shampoo from the drugstore!

6. Remember your clients, otherwise they will not remember you

The good result of your work depends on good maintenance. After your client leaves the salon, make sure you know how they did with whatever product they have brought and that they are using it well.

It is key that the client knows when to return and remembers it in time to be able to schedule, make it easy for him, contact him!

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