The ECBA™ or Entry Certificate in Business Analysis: Reasons You Need It

Entry Certificate in Business Analysis

Finding the first job is never easy. But one can overcome their lack of real-life experience by earning the ECBA™ or Entry Certificate in Business Analysis certification which is offered by the IIBA or International Institute of Business Analysis in order to complement one’s work experience, diploma and degree. According to research, the earning power of an individual is increased by the ECBA™ certification. By spending less than one per cent of one’s salary, they can increase up to eight per cent in their annual salary if they have the certification of ECBA™ from IIBA. This article will cover the major reasons due to which you need this certification.

1.     Building the Peer Network

One will get the opportunity to connect with experienced professionals of business analysis and meet other holders of the ECBA™ certification by joining local study groups, presentations of Chapter meet-ups of IIBA. They can also build a network through the IIBA ECBA™ LinkedIn group, IIBA LinkedIn Group and more. One never knows who may be able to provide assistance in finding the most ideal job. Later in the career journey, one can benefit from paying it forward.

2.     Getting an Introductory Overview to Working in Business Analysis

The Entry Certificate in Business Analysis or ECBA™ certification can enhance one’s marketability by displaying their knowledge and achievements associated with the techniques, tools and best practices of the field to potential employers. Additional skills can be demonstrated beyond one’s degree with the help of the certificate. The certification also proves that the candidate has met the level of competency and possesses the knowledge of the primary standards.

3.     Helping the Resume Get Past HR Bots

In the present times, HR bits are being employed by more organisations in order to pre-scan the candidates who are appropriate for the role and have the desired qualities and skills using analytics in order to make predictions. If a candidate has the certification of ECBA™, they can check one more box and their resume will stand out when they are applying for roles related to business analysis.

4.     Highlighting Fundamental Knowledge

Without work experience, this certification will help one prove to potential employers that they have the required skills. The certification will demonstrate their fundamental knowledge of business analysis, enthusiasm for learning and commitment. A training opportunity is included in some entry-level jobs. But if you already have the basic knowledge of the best practices of business analysis, it will give you benefits over others applying for the same role.

The team can be assisted by ECBA™-certified personnel in order to increase market potential via data analysis. The operations of the organisation can be thus diversified into profitable market segments. Moreover, employing personnel certified with ECBA™ makes sure that the stakeholders of the team will have greater faith in them. Therefore, it will become easier to capitalise on sales for the organisations by forming effective methods based on data analysis.

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