Tips & Tricks To Become A Ludo Pro In 2022

Become A Ludo Pro

Also known as “Pachisi”, Ludo has been one of the most popular board games. It originated in India and is around three thousand years old. Ludo has not lost its old charm and is always on-trend because it is an old game. During the lockdown or tea time, Ludo has always been people’s escape from boredom. It is a fun game that keeps the play on the edge with its twists and turns. The game is also known to sharpen one’s cognitive skills. Ludo is one such board game that gives users an adrenaline rush. Apart from luck, the game also depends on one’s concentration and some exclusive tactics.

Online Ludo is another boon that has uplifted the status of Ludo among the Indian audience. People have started connecting with their friends and family members over a game of Ludo and having a beautiful time with their loved ones. The New Year is about to begin, and you should be ready to win all the Ludo matches in the coming year and chisel your skills. Here are some of the best ludo tips that will help you become a Ludo pro in 2022.

Think Like a Fox

Playing Ludo isn’t that easy as one thinks of it. A vital piece of advice for being a pro player is to think ahead of your opponent. One should be mindful of their opponent’s next move and take steps accordingly. You should observe your opponent and have a note on the way they play and move their tokens. Likewise, you can plan your move according to your opponent’s play. Ludo is all about prediction, and being a master analyzer will help you win the game sooner than anyone else.

Another common piece of advice is to eliminate your opponent’s pawn before they can reach the safe place. In this way, you can secure the path for your token and ensure to have no objections on the path. Everyone you kill, your opponent’s pawn gives them the time to roll a six or stay inside for a long time, securing your path of winning the game.

Patience is the Essence of the Game

Ludo is about waiting patiently for your chance to pounce on your opponent’s token or eagerly waiting for six or other fortunate numbers. Patience is the key to winning the game, and getting overwhelmed by consecutively rolling good numbers isn’t going to help. For instance, your pawn might be on any star and will be marked safe from your opponent’s pawn; in this situation, you should wait patiently until you roll a good number to move forward. There aren’t any rules and regulations of playing Ludo.

Set a Trap

If your opponent has only one token or two tokens left, then the wisest move would be to set a trap for your opponent so that they can’t win the game. It would be best if you tried to plot your tokens in all the four safe stars so that you can attack your opponent’s pawn from all ways and stop them from winning the game. This will decrease their possibility of reaching home and securing their token.

Block Your Opponent’s token

One of the essential tips for every Ludo player is to block your opponent’s token so that the probability of them winning decreases. Moreover, you should always keep a tab on your opponent’s move if there is only one token left, as your opponent might be creeping behind you without your notice and killing your pawn. Take advantage of big numbers like 6 and 5 and try to get to the safe zone as soon as possible. Move your pawn wisely and try to block your opponent’s pawn to restrict them from cutting your token or being a hurdle on your path.

Pay Attention to all Tokens

Concentrating on a single token will not yield better results, whereas you should have undivided concentration and attention on all four tokens. Focusing sternly on one token might cost you dearly and might be a bad move on your part. The more you spread your pieces like an army in a war, the better your opportunity to win the game will be. You can plot your tokens in safe places and move them accordingly to the numbers you roll in the dice. It will be wise to be close to your opponent’s tokens so that you can grab them whenever the chance presents itself.

Avoid Unnecessary Risks

Ludo is about risks and unpredictable twists and turns; however, taking unnecessary risk would be like digging your own grave. Scatter all your tokens to different places and plot a trap for your opponent. Ensure that you can attack your opponent’s tokens from every direction. Additionally, one should move the tokens less likely to be cut by the opponent’s token.

Free Coins are a Treat

If you’re playing Ludo online, you would need a heap of free coins to bet more coins and win more. If you wish to play multiple matches in a day, you will need free coins. There are several ways to earn free coins; for instance, you can watch free YouTube videos or compete in multiple matches to optimize your free coins.


These are some of the best tips and tricks that will help you win every Ludo match. These tips will also help you enhance your gaming skills and get better at playing Ludo. To ensure winning every match, one should be focused and patient. Moreover, it would help if you also tried to read your opponent’s mind to analyze their moves and thoughts. Ludo is full of uncertainties, making this board game one of the best and thrilling games to play with your friends or family. Be it a party, new year celebration, or a wholesome gathering of old friends, Ludo is the best option for having a good time over a cup of tea or lots of snacks.

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