The Prettiest Wedding Bands for Modern Brides

Wedding Bands for Modern Brides

Whether this is your first attempt searching for that perfect wedding band or your hundredth round on the internet, take a deep breath and relax. We know you want the best for your big day and the abundance of pretty wedding bands out there are driving you crazy.

So, we did half the work for you. We’ve browsed it all and filtered the very best for you. You’ll find the six prettiest wedding bands on the internet listed here.

Our picks are most likely to suit elegant and modern, with hints of vintage aesthetics. So, there’s no way you can’t find your perfect pick. Let’s dive in!

#1. Gold Filigree Wedding Band

Filigree refers to extremely ornate and delicate metalwork. It may incorporate two metals at once or stones. This exquisite metalwork originates from the Mesopotamian civilization back in 3000 BC. And hence, it has gained much popularity over time.

So, when crafting this list of the prettiest delicate wedding bands of all time, Filigree Wedding bands are the ones that we searched for. Upon going through numerous Filigree wedding band options, we found the two utmost beautiful wedding bands. These include:

We recommend the first one because of its arresting metal framework. It brings the ring a vintage feel. Plus, there’s a pear-shaped onyx embedded in the center. It brings a modern and authoritative feel. Gemologists suggest onyx symbolizes protection from evil and the layers of black in this stone symbolize the strength of love between two people. So, it’s not only a pretty choice but also a very meaningful choice.

The second Filigree band that we listed above is more expensive than the black onyx gold ring. But we tell you, it’s worth it. It’s got that fairytale-like feel. It has a beaded milli-grain design with brilliant-cut diamonds. You can get it in three colors, including white gold, yellow gold, and platinum.

#2. Nordstrom Vintage Wedding Band

If you seek something super simple but absolutely arresting, you will most likely love this vintage wedding band from Nordstrom. It’s a plain thin gold metal band with three central stones. But the arrangement of its three tiny diamonds is delicate and absolutely elegant. However, there are two limitations to this design. It’s only available in two sizes at Nordstrom and only in yellow gold. If you’re opting for any other gemstones instead of diamonds, you might want a different color wedding band too.

#3. Gemvara Laurel Ring Band

Gemvara Laurel Ring Band is a pretty unique choice. It’s sure to win your attention on your big day. That’s because it features a combination of two entrancing and powerful stones, i.e., amethyst and aquamarine. The wedding band itself features durable and shiny sterling silver.

#4. Oval Onyx Wedding Band

If you’re struggling to bring the royal vintage wedding ring feel and the modern feel in the same wedding band, this ring will fit you well. It features a sterling silver wedding band. The top half of the ring has a chain-like design and embeds a central onyx stone. The oval-shaped onyx dominates the ring design. The overall vibe of the ring is bold and sophisticated. What’s more, it’s super affordable, and you can get it in your custom size from the same site as well.

#5. Aurate Simple Gold Wedding Band

Another simple yet breathtakingly pretty wedding band that we absolutely were Aurate’s channel set gold diamond ring. It’s minimalistic and absolutely in correspondence with the 21st century. Unlike the old-school thick wedding bands, it’s thin, simple, minimalistic, yet captivating.

The tiny square diamonds arranged linearly on the top side give the ring its sparkle. The great part is that its design is not overwhelming or too fancy for everyday wear. You can carry it with almost any dress and rock it all the same.

Final Thoughts

Well, we hope this guide became your bridge to your dream wedding band. Or we hope it at least inspired even better designs in your head. Remember, your wedding band will stay with you all your life. So, give it the time it needs and don’t rush your decision!

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