Tired of Pad Rashes? Here’s Why and How to Deal with it!

Tired of Pad Rashes

Some of the women experience pad rashes during their period. It can cause discomfort and lead to an infection that causes correlated problems. Women should understand the cause of the rashes and take measures accordingly. It allows them to remain active and comfortable during their period. If they start exhibiting symptoms related to infection, they must visit a gynecologist in lahore. Infection can lead to vaginal candidiasis, and hence, it is essential to seek medical attention to avoid complications.

Common Causes of Rashes

Women who suffer from pad rashes every month must make an effort to understand the cause and take measures to overcome the problem by making relevant changes. The common causes of pad rashes include:

  • Friction: Movement causes friction, which leads to rashes. Women who wear larger sanitary pads can suffer from rashes. Physical activities cause friction and may lead to rashes of the vulva. It is essential to wear cotton undies and use smaller sanitary pads. Also, women must use fragmented cotton pads to reduce the chances of infection and correlated problems.
  • Allergic Reaction: The chances of skin getting irritated by various chemicals in pads are high. Due to harsh chemicals, women may contact dermatitis. It is essential to have self-awareness, and if the skin is sensitive, they must purchase sanitary pads after considering the pros and cons. Women should avoid using plastic pads and nylon undies as they increase the chances of allergic reactions.
  • Weather Conditions: Women suffer more from pad rashes in summers as compared to winters. The sweat, adhesives in the panty liners, and nylon undies can cause rashes in summers. Hence, it is necessary to keep yourself dry and use cotton panties to reduce the chances of sweat. It can irritate the skin and causes rashes on the vulva.
  • Infection: Women who experience swelling, itchiness, redness, and unusual vaginal discharge during menstruation are more likely to suffer from an infection. It is due to infrequent pad changes. If someone exhibits symptoms of UTI, bacterial vaginosis, and yeast infection, they must seek immediate medical attention to avoid further complications.
  • Not changing Pads for a Long Time: Women should focus on their hygiene and understand their flow. It allows them to use the sanitary pads suitable for them. Some women have light flow but use thick pads and keep wearing them for more than 18-20 hours. Not changing the sanitary pad after four to five hours can increase the chances of rashes, an allergic reaction, and infection. Therefore, one must invest in products suitable and prioritize hygiene.

Symptoms of Rashes

The symptoms of pad rashes include:

  • The women experience discomfort and pain during urination.
  • If the person is suffering from an infection; due to the use of sanitary pads, notice unusual vaginal discharge and swelling.
  • Women suffer from vaginal itchiness and redness.
  • Women may experience pain during sexual intercourse.

Preventive Measures

The preventive measures include:

  • Women must change their sanitary pads three to four times a day.
  • Women should try alternatives, such as menstruation cups and tampons.
  • In summers, women should use cotton undies to reduce the chances of friction, infection, and allergic reaction.
  • Women should have self-awareness and use sanitary pads based on individual needs. If they notice, that the sanitary pads are causing rashes, they must try other brands.

Treatment Options

Women must consult a gynecologist before applying any ointment. It is essential to determine the cause of the rashes before using any medication. The medication that is proven beneficial include:

  • Topical antibiotics to treat bacterial infection.
  • Antihistamines and steroid creams to treat dermatitis.

Women who experience pad rashes must contact a gynecologist at Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital. The specialist can help determine the cause and provide guidance regarding effective treatment options and preventive measures to reduce the chances of rashes.

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