Top 5 Outdoor and Indoor Garden Trends for 2022

Outdoor and Indoor Garden Trends

With people spending more and more time at home, there has been a drastic increase in the need for a garden. With 2022 just in, trends show that the great outdoors is the type of style that most people go for when designing their garden spaces. Check out these garden design ideas to give your garden the boost it needs this 2022. 

Balcony Garden

If you want to make yourself a balcony garden, you can always attach pots and trellises to the walls since there is lesser space. The trick to giving your balcony garden dimension is to put the taller plants behind the shorter ones. Keep in mind that with a balcony garden, you’ll be seeing much of it from the inside so always go with a plan before you start on your balcony garden. Some balcony ideas you can go for is the sunny looking garden where you plant citrus plants and include a set of outdoor garden chairs and tables as well. But if you want to go for a more homey look, you can use scrap wood to hang your pots of plants. 

Outdoor Garden Meets Indoor Garden

With this type of garden design idea, you won’t be torn between an indoor or outdoor garden because you’ll be incorporating both. What you’re going to have to do is select the best seating or sofa you can find that’ll fit right in with your outdoor garden. But remember that you’re not going to find an outdoor-style chair. Select one that you would love to have indoors and one that can survive the elements outdoors. You can go for the L-shaped sofas so that you can add in some pots of plants on the other side. Also, add some carpets or rugs so that it’ll look just like a living room. Make sure you also plan out the irrigation system so that the furniture and accessories you have don’t get damaged. Contact your irrigation companies from Toronto beforehand so you can complete your planning ahead of time. 

Sunset-Themed Gardens

Sunset-themed gardens are exactly what it sounds like. It’s like seeing a place when it’s sunset. So think bright, orange, red, and yellow flowers. Go for plants and flowers that’ll help you achieve the sunset look such as peonies, gerberas and daisies. If you’ve got the space, you can also try and contact the nearest companies offering maple trees for sale in Brampton and bring the sunset with you at all times.

Succulents Indoors

Photo by Lisa Fotios

The great thing about succulents is most of them thrive with minimal care as compared to the usual flowers and plants. Succulents are also small, green, and compact so they’re perfect for the indoor garden that you’re thinking about. Try allocating a small area in your home where you can put all of your succulents together to create a small indoor garden. Or, if you want to make your entire home look like a garden, you can arrange your succulents all over the house. 

Multi-Purpose Garden Spaces

Nowadays, gardens don’t have to be just plants and trees. You can have your very own campsite, fireplace, hot tub area, or even a small lounge area. To make your garden more multi-purposed, use plants to divide your area and add in some furniture that’ll complete your design. 

The options are endless so you really have to think about what you want. When you start your garden, create a detailed plan so that you can be sure that it’s compatible with your space and your finances. One important tip is also to clean up your garden before putting in the new designs. Make sure to call on your trusted tree removal service company from Aurora so they can help you remove dying trees so you can get started on your new design safely.

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