Top 6 Trendy pair of Jeans for women

Trendy pair of Jeans for women

The one clothing item you can find in every woman’s closet is jeans. No surprises here! Jeans are the most versatile and comfortable pair of bottoms for all genders. When it comes to women, they have multiple choices, even in denim. They can buy boyfriend or skinny jeans and pair them for every occasion. This pair of women’s clothing is timeless and seasonless as it goes with everything and every occasion. For instance, you will not think that jeans make for a celebrity award show. However, Deepika Padukone, an Indian Actress, recently wore jeans and an oversized blue shirt to the Filmfare awards, a prestigious Indian award ceremony. And she looked dead-drop gorgeous. Taking cues from her, you can create an outfit using your favorite jeans for any occasion.

However, for that to happen, you must have more than one type of jeans in your closet. You cannot only have skinny denim and call it a day. Thus, to help the new fashionistas to get the best types of jeans in their closet, here is a list.

Type 1: Boyfriend Jeans

If you want to wear a comfortable bottom, nothing can beat boyfriend jeans for women. They are not only comfortable but also provide a casual look. Thus, making it easy to run errands all day. And if you style it perfectly, they make for a breathtaking outfit. Boyfriend jeans come in various designs, colors, and sizes. Buy one that stretches and is comfortable to wear for all body shapes and sizes. No matter the occasion, a trekking day, or going for a movie, pair the boyfriend jeans with your favorite tee, crop top, or evergreen white t-shirt with a few accessories.

Type 2: Skinny Jeans

Don’t buy the ‘canceled skinny jeans’ rumor. Many people still love skinny jeans, which are popular denim most women will & should have in their closet. They are perfect for evening parties and slightly colder weather. If you want an illusion of long legs, wear skinny jeans as they stick to your legs, making them seem long. According to the event, you can pair skinny jeans with multiple things, like a white t-shirt or even a shirt.

Type 3: Boot-Cut Jeans

Boot-cut jeans are a current trend that every woman is jumping on. If you are short, these are your best friends whether you want to go for a casual outing or an event that requires a bit of dressing up. Pairing them is subjective, but a general tip is to wear boots or heels with them for a perfect look. In winter, the boot-cup jeans go so well with knit-wears, especially the long ones. If you go with this style, make sure you tuck them in for a better look. Bootcut also looks perfect with winter coats and sunglasses.

Type 4: Mom’s Jeans

Mom’s jeans are a cross between the baggy fit and the straight fit. These high-to-medium waisted jeans are perfect for any woman, not only a mom. It is comfortable enough for you to move and run errands. But also, they are classy and stylish. Currently, the number of variations in mom jeans will blow your mind. Thus, have one in your closet as per your choice. There are even ragged mom jeans available. Moreover, styling them is so easy, and you can check here for some inspiration.

Type 5: Straight Cut-Jeans

Straight jeans, also known as cigarette jeans, are the new alternative to office pants or trousers. They are narrow, straight, and quite flattering. The difference between them and skinny jeans is that they don’t cover your ankles fully. You can layer it up with a blazer for your office or dress them down with a crop top for a party.

Type 6: Low-Rise Skater Jeans

Low-rise jeans are making a comeback as popular celebrities wear them often. The difference between today’s low-rise jeans and those from 2000 is that they are not skin-tight. Instead, the wide legs make it super comfy and stylish.

Have at least one pair of every type of jeans in your closet. Also, ensure you buy one which has premium quality. Don’t skimp on the quality to buy cheap denim. It will not last, and all your money will go to waste.

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