Top basketball leagues in the world


Everything basketball fans need to know about the sport and the top teams

Basketball is among the most popular sports in the world — along with football. All this success is explained by the fact that they are sports that are accessible. In poor communities, basketball is very present. This is always portrayed in movies and series, so, in addition to having a sporting role, there is also a social role. 

In the poorest communities, basketball games take place on collective courts, public spaces for all residents of the neighborhood. As they are public spaces, they usually use steel barricades to keep the ball inside the court and not invade the street, thus avoiding accidents with children and residents of communities that play basketball.

In this article, we will talk more about basketball and address the world’s top teams that dominate the sport. We will also talk about the practice of sport in different countries. Have you ever played basketball? Are you curious about the sport and want to learn more? Then stay tuned for our topics below, it is a way to understand more about one of the most popular and beloved sports in the world.

Basketball in the USA

The United States is the country of basketball; just as England invented football, the United States is a pioneer in the practice of the sport. The Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics are one of the most popular in the country and they are also part of the NBA. The NBA (National Basketball Association) is a basketball league in North America; as it is a major league, it has its own rules for championships.

Basketball in the UK

Despite football being the favorite sport of the English, basketball is also very present in several communities in the United Kingdom. Among the top teams are Arsenal Gunners, Burnley and Saints SFC. The English have a lot of influence from the Americans in basketball games, but they still have their own characteristics. For example, championship finals in the UK are not as popular or targeted by sponsors, specially ‘cause the big investments most often go to football teams.

Basketball in Latin America 

Latin America is known for loving football, and the main football teams are Argentinian and Brazilian, but that doesn’t exclude Latin basketball fans. In Brazil, there are great basketball teams, for example: Sesi Franca, Sirio and Bauru Basket. In Argentina, the most famous teams are Adelante, Atlética Quimsa and Obras. Basketball championships are not so popular in Brazil and Argentina; football championships are more famous and receive more financial incentive. 

Basketball rules

It is important to know that each country or independent basketball league may have its rules, an example of this is the NBA, which is a large and independent league and does not follow the US national basketball rules. However, we can talk about general basketball rules, which are very common in many countries. 

The most popular rules are: the ball can be thrown in any direction, the player cannot run with the ball and the ball must always be held in the hands, using other parts of the body can cause punishments and even expulsion from the basketball court.

In this article, we discussed the most famous basketball teams in the world and also some popular rules between countries. Did you follow or follow the basketball championships? If so, you might notice some difference between the American, English and Latino championships. Basketball is a world-renowned sport, but its rules may change from country to country.

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