Types of Decorative Wall Mirrors to Charm up your Living Room


Decorative wall mirrors are one of the best ways to fill up the space on the wall along with giving a new brightened-up look to your home. These days, wall mirrors are the most liked wall décor items by the top interior designers because of their varied designs, patterns, and functionality. These not only reflect your beautiful self but also radiate your passion for home décor. Moreover, a decorative wall mirror can be placed at multiple locations at your home such as the dining area, bedrooms, and most importantly the living rooms. These will leave your guests talking about your beautiful abode as they glam up your walls and accentuate the overall look of the house. 

Decorative mirror for living room generally makes the space look bigger by the reflecting the light. This trick is useful for spaces where you want to appear larger and brighter. However, choosing the right kind of wall mirror among the numerous options available on home décor websites is always a daunting task. If you are getting started with your wall décor journey then here is a little guide about the latest types of decorative wall mirror that you should consider for your beautiful abode. 

Types of Decorative Wall Mirrors that are a must for home décor 

A decorative wall mirror is an essential part of home décor and can be your favourite décor friend. These mirrors are multifunctional and can be placed anywhere in your house to lighten up your happy spirit from within. Here are several voguish kinds of wall mirrors that will charm up your living space. 

Hanging mirrors

Whenever we think of mirrors to be a part of home décor, we always imagine them as conventional wall mirrors however did you know that they can be much more? Hanging mirrors are the most stylish kind of mirrors that can be either hung on the wall or at any other place that you feel they are adaptable for. These come with a sturdy belt that not only makes them durable but also gives them a versatile look. 

Have a look at The Leather Belt Decorative Wall Mirror which comes in an urban modern look that comes with a classic leather belt and a premium quality metal frame. This decorative mirror for living room is exactly what your walls need to get a freshened-up look. 

Mirrors with Golden Touch 

People generally find it difficult to decorate our bold-coloured walls with something trendy but due to the colour, nothing goes well. Do you feel the same? Decorative wall mirrors with golden details are perfect for such walls as they complement the dark-coloured walls and reflect just beauty and flawlessness.

The Dutch Antique Brass Finish Decorative Mirror is one majestic piece that is a perfect blend of aesthetics and modern design. The gold-finished border and the asymmetric design make it suitable for almost all kinds of walls.  It is an exclusive decorative wall mirror for living room found 

Wired Design Mirror 

Wall Mirrors are more than ordinary mirrors as they tell the décor story of your home. Among the numerous designs, wired mesh design is most appreciated by décor lovers all over due to its elegance. These designs are absolutely unique and are not found on many home décor websites. 

The modern metal tube mirror that comes with a metal wired floral mesh design on its borders is a one of its kind design. This mirror gives a contemporary and classy look that can instantly transform a space into something modern and chic. 

Oval Mirrors 

On home décor websites, there are new additions in the designs and patterns that happen regularly but one that remains unchanged is the classic oval-shaped mirror for wall décor. Oval-shaped decorative wall mirrors look luxurious and add the much-required charm to your walls.

Paris Classic Oval-shaped mirror meets all your wall décor needs. Made with premium quality material this exquisite design is well suited for your living room as well as the dining area. 

Designer Mirrors 

Do you imagine that the wall décor looks stunning and feels exclusive? A decorative wall mirror is here to do that job for you. These come in numerous designs which range from abstract patterns to beautiful cohesive designs. These can be placed on the entryway wall of your living room or anywhere in the living room to spread a tranquil feel all over. Our Twin Face Decorative Wall Mirror is one such antique designer piece consisting of metal spikes in cutting-edge fusion. 

Antique Mirrors 

The timeless beauty never goes off the trend, and neither do these antique decorative mirror for living room. They are made in several designs with various techniques such as aluminium casting on the edges that not only take them sturdy but also add the style statement to your homes. They are an amalgamation of art, technique, and elegance that gives a complete transformation of your house into the luxurious one. Since these are antique in design, they look best when placed in the drawing-room or the living room. 

These come in a variety of patterns such as rectangular shapes, odd-shaped, oval-shaped, etc. Our beautiful Sunburst decorative mirror for living room is one such design that will illuminate both your space and your heart. The gold-finished sunrays symbolize the ray of hope that awaits your life ahead. 

Ethnic designer mirrors 

Traditional patterns are adored by everyone for their timeless patterns and glorious Indian designs. These reflect the heritage and beauty of our ethnicity. Our Ethnic Design Frame Decorative Mirror comes with a quirky design bordered with golden details. It will make your interior dazzle with the rich blend of art, beauty, and culture. This decorative mirror for living room is truly special. 

These were some of the top picks from our expansive collection that will make the task of choosing the appropriate decorative mirror for the living rooms easier for you. Further, while selecting a decorative wall mirror it is always advisable to keep certain things in mind such as the right proportion between the wall and the mirror, the colour scheme of the wall, and the texture of the wall. This will help you to invest in the right kind of wall mirror from one of your favourite home décor websites. 

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