Understanding Dental Implants And Why They’re A Popular Procedure

Dental Implants

Humans have prized a full set of teeth for thousands of years, but it was in the 1960s, owing to the groundbreaking work of Dr. Branemark and his use of titanium to fuse to patients’ jawbones, that the first successful dental implants were done.

Today, dental implant procedures are carried out by hundreds of thousands of people annually and account for one of the most common dental procedures done today amongst many groups, including senior citizens. 

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Implant Anchors

In cases where more than one tooth or all of a patient’s teeth are damaged, implants may anchor a permanent denture. In cases where a denture is going to be worn, a symmetrical array of titanium screws can be anchored into the jaw and serve as a way to anchor a denture securely. Many patients prefer these kinds of dentures because of their snug fit and natural feel.

Individual Implants

In the case of individual dental implants in Syracuse, the old tooth is typically removed, and a titanium screw is put down the tooth’s socket and anchored into the jawbone. The first type of dental implant is those produced individually and implanted to replace individually lost teeth.

Titanium & Ceramic

The part that extends above the gumline has a ceramic or composite material tooth fixed to it to replace the old one. Over time the jawbone will grow together and fuse with the titanium; the product is a tooth that lasts and lasts.

What To Consider When Getting Dental Implants

Before jumping ahead and getting dental implants in Syracuse, it’s important to know who they are for and are not. Immunocompromised patients and those with certain pre-existing conditions must beware that they may be at risk for complications.

Usually, everything goes right with implants, the body heals, and fusion is a success; however, in certain individuals, the body may reject the titanium, and the implants may need to be removed. Another important consideration for those looking to replace multiple teeth is whether or not they have the existing gum to support the implant and the tooth which will ride on it.

If you’ve lost multiple teeth and the gum has deteriorated, it may be necessary for the dentist to excise tissue from elsewhere and graft it onto the gum line to encourage enough tissue to grow to support the implant. These problems are, fortunately, rare, which is part of what makes dental implants so popular.

What is The Lifespan of a Dental Implant

The best aspect of dental implants in Syracuse and something driving their popularity is that humans are living longer and more active lives and caring for themselves more into old age. Dental implants can be a fantastic investment, even if you aren’t old. Many who receive dental implants are more than happy with the results, whether they use them to replace single teeth or get their whole set of teeth replaced.

Improve Your Smile With Dental Implants 

Getting dental implants in Syracuse is an easy way to fix your smile and boost your confidence. Reading this guide should have you completely informed about the procedure. If you are still interested, get yours today.

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