What Are Cannabis Topicals?

What Are Cannabis Topicals

Cannabis Topicals are lotions, gels, salves, or ointments that contain cannabis or Cannabis Derived products. 

Cannabis Topicals are non-psychoactive substances that can be used for local application and can help alleviate symptoms of some issues. They are used for topical application on the skin.

The versatility of cannabis can confuse anyone. From THC-O Products to cannabis topical, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Therefore, we are here to tell you how to use cannabis topicals, what are cannabis topicals, and how cannabis topicals work.

So, let’s get started!

Cannabis Topicals: The History, The Present

Cannabis use in recent years has grown manifold. The taboo around the green herb is breaking and people are welcoming its widescale adoption. 

Cannabis Topicals are one amongst the long line of cannabis products that have now come out of the covers. Topicals can be traced back to the world of Pyramids – ancient Egypt. There the Ebers Papyrus tells us that cannabis topicals were used for anti-inflammation. 

In the modern era, Queen Victoria of England used tinctures and CBD Oil for some issues. Today, the cannabis industry has expanded its inventory by including a range of topicals.

In what form are cannabis topicals available?

Cannabis Topicals are available in the form of Bath Bombs/salts, Oils, Lotions, salves, Creams, Lotions, Transdermal Patch, Spray, etc. There is so much available these days!

Emollient Topicals are good carriers of cannabis-infused oils because they have an excellent ability to incorporate these oils into their body. 

But, if you have oily skin, then you may use topicals in the form of sprays that are also used for direct application. Sprays contain alcohol as a solvent for better functionality.

Shower products too are an amazing offering. Salts and bombs will give you a full-body cannabis experience. Though they’re more expensive than usual topicals.

Can you eat cannabis topicals?

You should not ingest cannabis topicals. The health safety aspect aside, ingesting cannabis topicals will not have the same effects on you. This is because cannabis topicals are not made for ingestion.

How do cannabis topicals work?

Through usual methods of administration, cannabis works by entering our bloodstream. The THC present in cannabis gets us intoxicated, and the CBD makes us feel relaxed. 

Cannabis topicals don’t work in this manner. That is to say that they don’t enter the bloodstream. 

Cannabis works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. It is a complex network of receptors, prominent ones are CB1 and CB2. They’re most densely present in our brain.

These two types of receptors are also present in the skin. But they work differently. The top skin layers, epidermis, and dermis protect our bodies from chemicals and debris. etc.

They make it difficult for cannabis topicals to reach the receptors. But through modern technological developments, we have been able to reach these receptors. 

Now it is possible for cannabis topicals to provide localized solutions for specific issues. Therefore, they may be used for potential medical benefits. 

Can cannabis topicals get you high?

As we already stated, cannabis topicals interact with your body differently. Therefore, they’ll almost never get you high. They will also not make you fail a drug test. 

Most cannabis topicals are formulations that are designed to be absorbed directly into our dermis. There they interact with local receptors. They don’t go beyond.

Therefore, the blood barrier is not broken. No permeating happens and a drug test doesn’t detect it, but an exception to it is weed lube. 

Any strain that you smoke will have different effects on you. This is because the cannabinoid profile of the strain will be different. This logic also extends to cannabis topicals.

Depending on the cannabinoids that it contains, it will have different effects on your skin. But none of these effects will get you high. 

How to use cannabis topicals?

They are easy to use, and you can use them as you normally use your creams.  You just rub the cream on your skin and lather it for a while until it gets absorbed.

People apply cannabis topicals to the areas that are affected by some issues. They can provide cooling, moisturizing, and soothing effects. They contain more ingredients such as menthol, hyaluronic acid, and essential oils, all of which have their own beneficial effects. 

For using them, make sure you have washed your skin with water and dried it using a towel. You may also take a full body shower before. It will clean your body, open the pores, and relax it, getting it ready for a soothing cannabis topical massage. 

But, transdermal patches should be applied on dry skin only.

Where can you apply cannabis topicals?

Cannabis review platforms like Hempercamp note that cannabis topicals can be applied (almost) everywhere. Cannabis topicals meant for lubrication can be used for stimulation and arousal. 

They are water-based. Therefore, they are safe to use during any intimate activity. You can also use oil-based lubricants if you prefer those. They may also contain enhancers that are able to increase sensitivity and are permeable in the area around the genitals.

Transdermal topicals, as the name suggests are applied over the skin on a veiny area, for example, on the inside of wrists, on the top of the feet, neck, etc. They have the ability to transmit a small dose of cannabinoids over some time. 

Is there an easy way to make cannabis topicals at home?

There are elaborate recipes that will teach you how to make cannabis topicals. These would be time-consuming and you will have to work hard.

Therefore, we bring to you a simple recipe that is not very time-consuming. For this recipe, you only need a cannabis tincture or oil.

Mix a little (almost half a dropper) of cannabis topical with a small amount of any cream. Preferably use herbal cream. Mix it well in a cream container in which you can store it.

Then simply apply it on your hands, rub it, and apply it anywhere!


  1. Is Cannabis Topical Safe To Use?

Generally, cannabis topicals are safe to use. You can consult your dermatologist who can give you a deeper understanding of the use. We recommend conducting a patch test. 

  1. What is present in a cannabis topical?

CBD is the most prominent cannabinoid present in cannabis topicals. 

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