What is a Nicotine-Free Vape?

Nicotine-Free Vape

Nicotine-free vaping is any vape device utilized with vape juices without Nicotine.

Vaping has seen a huge increase since introduced to the electronic cigarettes market in 2003. The primary reason people switched to smoking e-cigarettes was that it’s a healthier alternative. But, at the beginning of vaping, most options included Nicotine since the main reason to use vaping was to satisfy cravings for Nicotine.

The main benefit of vaping is you can control your nicotine consumption. You’re getting with every inhale, as opposed to smoking cigarettes. There are a variety of nicotine levels offered that range from 3mg up to 18mg nicotine.

The control of nicotine consumption lets vapers reduce their nicotine intake they’re drinking slowly and eventually eliminate nicotine addiction. It is a simpler and more efficient alternative to just cutting out completely.

In the last few years, it’s only been that we’ve seen an increase in products geared to nicotine-free vaping. Many vape companies now offer the popular juices for vaping with zero Nicotine (or zero mg). Vape products have also become more convenient to use with no nicotine.

In reality, more vapers want nicotine-free, non-smoking vapes than ever before.

As many people do, your ultimate objective is to stop smoking cigarettes and get rid of the addiction to Nicotine, then keep reading to provide everything you need to be aware of concerning smoking vapes in the absence of Nicotine.

What is the difference between Nicotine-Free Vapes and regular vapes?

Nicotine-free vapes work the same as regular vapes, except the most important aspect is that they don’t contain Nicotine.

Practically any vape device that can be refillable can be used to replace nicotine-free vaping. Instead of refilling your device with the nicotine vape liquid, you can use zero nicotine vape juice (or zero mg).

They’ll work exactly like the other. However, instead of delivering Nicotine every time you take a puff of smoke, it will be free of Nicotine.

Vape devices pre-filled with Nicotine like disposables and pod systems are likely to contain Nicotine at different levels. Therefore, you must be cautious when buying these devices if you wish to smoke without Nicotine. Some manufacturers offer pre-filled nicotine-free pods.

There are different types of vapes available, and you can utilize these devices without Nicotine.

Can you get Nicotine-Free Vape Pens?

Yes. As stated earlier, you can use any refillable pen to create a nicotine-free vape pen.

Instead of using nicotine-based juice, you’ll have to fill the vape pen with nicotine-free vape juice (0mg).

However, the vape pen equipped with an already-filled tank or atomizer is most likely to contain Nicotine unless specifically stated by the maker. Always check the nicotine level in milligrams within the device (or packaging). If it says it’s zero Nicotine and nicotine-free or 0mg, you’ll be fine.

What is the best place to find nicotine-free vapes online?

VapeMoreInc is one of the most reliable online shops to purchase nicotine-free vapes. Among the products available are disposable vape pens, cartridges, and e-liquids. Try now!

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