What Is the Best Real Estate School in Texas?

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Real Estate School in Texas

If you’re aspiring to be a real estate agent in Texas, you must first take a pre-licensing course. Then you will need to pass both the state and national exams and finally, apply for your license. The first step in this long-winded but worthwhile journey is to identify the school where you will take your required 180-hour pre-licensing course.

You will now be asking yourself, “What is the best real estate school in Texas?”. This will depend on whether you want to study in person or online. If you are considering doing the course online, you must do your homework to identify the best Texas online real estate school.

Determining the best real estate school in Texas

So, how do you determine the “best” real estate school in Texas? The idea of the best school for you will vary based on your individual preferences, learning styles, and career goals. However, there are several reputable institutions that consistently stand out for their comprehensive programs, experienced instructors, and high success rates.

Here are some of the top real estate schools you can consider:

Champions School of Real Estate

This institution has a solid reputation for offering diverse course options, flexible schedules (in-person and online), and experienced instructors. It’s well-known for fully preparing students for the real estate licensing exam.

The Real Estate Business School (REBS)

Renowned for its interactive and engaging courses, REBS provides comprehensive real estate education, including pre-licensing, exam preparation, and continuing education. They often focus on practical applications and real-world scenarios.

Austin Institute of Real Estate (AIRE)

AIRE offers a variety of programs taught by industry professionals. Its students appreciate the school’s focus on theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to succeed in real estate.


This online real estate school offers courses in various states, including Texas, for pre-licensing education. It is arguably the best online real estate school in Texas. However, it’s important to note that opinions on whether it’s the “best” school can vary among individuals based on their experiences and preferences.

This school’s platform is known for its affordability, flexibility, and self-paced study options. It’s popular among prospective realtors seeking a convenient and cost-effective way to fulfill the educational requirements for obtaining a real estate license. The courses are entirely online, which can benefit those who prefer to learn at their own pace and schedule. Thus, if you like taking your real estate course online, why not try these out?

San Antonio Board of Realtors (SABOR) Real Estate School

Many recognize SABOR’s school for its quality instructors and support services. SABOR offers pre-licensing courses, exam prep, and continuing education programs, often tailored to fit the needs of aspiring agents.

Real Estate Express

This online platform is popular among people seeking flexible learning schedules. It provides comprehensive pre-licensing courses and exam preparation materials suitable for self-paced study. You can explore it as you seek to determine what is the best real estate school in Texas.


The “best” real estate school often depends on location, cost, curriculum, teaching style, and student support. Research each school thoroughly, consider your preferred learning format (in-person or online), and seek advice from current real estate professionals or alums before deciding. Additionally, checking reviews and success rates of students passing licensing exams can be beneficial in determining the right fit for your educational needs.

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