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Many people choose a rose tattoo to get inked on their body, but most still wonder, “What is the meaning of a rose tattoo?”. In fact, rose tattoo meaning varies depending on their colors. Your rose tattoo design, however, largely depends on your own pain tolerance as well. 

Keep reading to figure out rose tattoo meaning and some popular placements for it.

What Is The Meaning Of A Rose Tattoo

Blue Rose Tattoo

Blue rose is an elusive flower, so it’s difficult for you to find it in any flower store. This tattoo represents the desire for love and fantasy, especially for unrequited love or a sad love story.

Light blue rose stands for a romantic dream or relating to emotions, while dark blue one symbolizes mystery and secret. So when a girl chooses a dark blue rose tattoo, she is a mystery girl and has lots of secrets.

Blue rose tattoo

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Red Rose Tattoo

The red rose symbolizes ardent love; it is always a choice for any romantic occasion, especially for couples. It represents an authentic love and passion not only for love but also for other aspects of life. And you will protect your affection and sacrifice for your perpetual passion till death.

Moreover, this tattoo reminds you of the person who gives you inspiration, and it also means that, in your heart, that one is very important. So if you choose this tattoo, maybe you are in deep love or have an unforgettable person.

Of course, as time goes on, our feelings and memories evolve, and sometimes, we find ourselves wanting to part ways with such permanent reminders. If you’re ever in Atlanta and decide that a change is needed, there are professional Atlanta tattoo removal services available to help you move forward with your journey.

Red rose tattoo

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Purple Rose Tattoo

Purple rose tattoo relates to royalty and wealth and a luxurious life. It is also an indication of enchantment, charisma, and mystery because it is very scarce, and you can’t possess a purple rose in a natural environment. 

If the blue rose tattoo indicates the thirst for love, the red one shows a romantic love story; the purple rose tattoo will express the love at first sight. It is like the love feeling you have at a purple rose tattoo when you first see purple roses, maybe because of their significant grace and elegance. 

Yellow Rose Tattoo

Aside from the meaning of love, the yellow rose tattoo symbolizes joy and brightness. It means a hopeful day and gives positive energy, especially when you wake up in the morning and look at the rose tattoo on your body.

Its bright color and charming look will make you feel relaxed and joyful, it will be absolutely helpful when you are stressed, or under pressure, it will give you the most positive attitude. Besides, it also indicates a true friendship so that you can get this tattoo with your best friend.

Yellow rose tattoo

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White Rose Tattoo

The white rose is commonly used in weddings; it represents a new step in your life and a new page of your love story called marriage. White rose tattoo is a symbol of purity, innocence, and youth. 

So, most young generations like choosing this white rose to get inked and even someone still young inside.

As mentioned above, the white rose indicates purity and innocence, so it is used to express the purest love in this world, which is motherhood. Thus, many people choose a white rose tattoo to show their passionate love for their mother.

Pink Rose Tattoo

This is a tattoo for ladies; it is like claiming that you are a beautiful girl, both external and internal beauty. It also expresses gratitude for love, especially for a lady who has an important position in your heart. 

Orange Rose Tattoo

The Orange rose tattoo symbolizes trust and enthusiasm for love and friendship. Besides, this tattoo expresses your romantic love story if you are in a relationship. It is also a message that you are ready to turn to a new page in your love.

Some Popular Placements For Rose Tattoos

Hand & Finger

If you are a person who has a great passion for tattoos and wants to get inked at a remarkable spot on your body, then hand and finger are one of the best choices. Minimalism is considered the most suitable style. However, you have the freedom to choose your own tattoo style, which is most appropriate.

Forearm & Shoulder 

The forearm is a large space for you to get inked, and it allows you to create some more details, or you can use other images to combine with, like a wing or a door. Shoulders are an odd spot to get tattooed, especially rose tattoos. It will give you the feel that gentle pieces of rose petals cover your shoulder.


This is the answer to “What is the meaning of a rose tattoo?”. Most people like rose tattoos not only because of their charming appearance but also their various meanings.

Each color has different meanings, mostly relating to romantic love and true friendship. Besides, the hand, fingers, forearm, and shoulder are the most popular placements for rose tattoos.

Thanks for your reading, and we will see you soon.

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