When is Ramadan 2022? Start And End Dates Pakistan

Ramadan 2022 Pakistan

Ramadan is also called an Islamic month for fasting in which Muslims across the globe are fast from sunrise to sunset.

What time will be Ramadan Pakistan 2022? And what are the signs of its customs?

When is Ramadan 2022?

The Islamic calendar is based on lunar phases. beginning with the crescent moon of the new moon. A new day starts after sunset.

This, due to this, the Islamic calendar is less than those of the Gregorian calendar by between 10 and 11 days. Therefore, the Islamic months run through all seasons.

In this year’s calendar, Ramadan can be expected to begin on April 2 in 2022. However this is subject to change, based on the appearance on the moon.

Ramadan runs from 29 to 30 days. It is anticipated to be over by the first Sunday of May, however, this could be altered according to the position of the moon.

What is the speed of one’s run?

Since the dates of Ramadan vary all through the year, so do the time when fasting starts and ends also change. Muslims are fasting during the time of daylight, therefore during winter, fasts are shorter than those in summer.

Many Muslims are known to eat a substantial meal prior to ending their fasts at sunrise. which is also known as suhoor imsak or sehri, before the prayer that begins the day known as Fajr.

At sunset, Muslims are expected to break their fast which is also called iftar or iftari and will pray the fourth and final prayers of the day. Maghrib.

The timings of iftar vary across cities, which is why it’s crucial to find out the time that fasts close and opens in your city.

What are the rules of fasting in Ramadan?

The most commonly observed rule during Ramadan is not drinking or eating during the daylight hours. But, there are a few exceptions. You are exempted from this rule If you:

Breastfeeding or pregnant



Traveling long distance

Since Ramadan is a month of holy, Muslims are expected to invest more time and effort in the spiritual and religious aspect of Islam and to refrain from violence as well as anger and greed.

Traditions of Ramadan

Despite its outwardly disciplinary characteristic, Ramadan is a month of celebration and often an occasion when communities gather together for social gatherings over food after sunset. Families often host gatherings, and friends often share food with family and friends.

Ramadan is not a time of atonement but an opportunity to exercise self-control and to consider your personal position on religious beliefs.

It is also a custom for Muslims to start their fast by naming the date since this is what was the practice of Prophet Muhammad did, but this isn’t a compulsory requirement.

There are some holy days throughout the month. This is the month that Muslims consider to be the month when the Quran is revealed. This night is known by the name of The Night of Power and the majority of Muslims are able to spend the night in prayers.

When will be Eid al-Fitr?

In order to mark the conclusion this holy month, it is celebrated with a 3-day festival that is known as Eid al-Fitr, which translates to “feast of breaking the fast” in which Muslims get together to express their gratitude to God and to celebrate by socialising with their family and friends all day long.

The practice of fasting is prohibited on this day because it’s a day for celebrating Ramadan 2022 Pakistan.

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