Why Is Online Dating So Hard: 4 Reasons You Should Know

Online Dating

Five years ago, registration on dating sites was perceived by many as a failure. It meant that a person cannot meet in person. Then there was an opinion that only losers, married men and perverts sit on dating sites. Many were embarrassed to tell their friends that they went on dates with someone from the site. However, in recent years, with the evolving social landscape and the rise of technology, the stigma has significantly diminished, leading many to openly explore platforms like dating sites to answer questions like how to find girlfriend in Singapore, reflecting a broader acceptance and understanding of online dating as a legitimate and effective way to meet new people.

To date, the situation has changed dramatically. In the top download list in both the play market and the apple store, dating apps like chichlive occupy leading positions. Making friends online has become as easy as ordering a pizza.

Apps like Tinder and Badoo are now a convenient and fast way to get to know each other. According to the latest research, more than twenty thousand couples have started a family thanks to Tinder. More than a million dates from dating sites and apps take place every day around the world.

There are studies that confirm that along with the pleasure and convenience of open relationship dating, psychological difficulties are also brought into the lives of modern people.

1. Technology leads to isolation

Modern technology has saved us from the need to physically move to find a partner. To meet in real life, you need to dress attractively, find a company and go to crowded places (of interest: a club, a bar, an art exhibition). Agree, a lonely wandering guy or girl in a bar looking for a partner is a disturbing picture. And when meeting online, you can, sitting in your favorite pajamas with a cat on the couch, retouch your best photo from five years ago and accept compliments from strangers.

2. You fall in love not with a real person, but with an image

You go to tinder and see the best photo of a person. You make contact with him. It turns out that you have a lot in common: interests, hobbies. He has a similar sense of humor. You correspond day and night, go to the toilet with a phone – suddenly write. This goes on for weeks. You feel like you’ve found the right person. Share with him deeply personal experiences, talk about childhood. And it’s like someone else comes to a personal meeting and your illusions collapse in an instant. Get more info on the related topic on https://relations-blog.com/.

3. Do not delay communication in social networks and applications

Liked a person – offer to meet. Only with live communication you will be able to see how your interlocutor moves, his laughter, you will feel his smell and understand how he behaves during personal contact. In real life, many behave more constrained than in online chats. A lot can be said about a person by his behavior with the waiter and the choice of meeting place.

Psychologists and anthropologists recommend refraining from communicating on very personal topics until the first offline meeting. Perhaps you will be disappointed with personal contact and there will be a vile feeling that you have shared intimate information about yourself with the wrong person.

Another fact in favor of personal acquaintance is that people often use very old photos of themselves, and sometimes other people’s photos for accounts. In the photo, a young curly brunette with blue eyes is flirting with you, and a gray-haired middle-aged man with deep bald spots and thick glasses can come to the meeting. You need to be prepared for such surprises, so to be ready look at this web-site to get all the information that you need.

4. Dating app creates illusion of endless choice

It seems that there are still thousands of profiles with perfect strangers. This illusion prevents partners from investing all internal resources in their current relationship. At the first conflict, it seems that you can find someone taller, more cheerful, more accommodating.

If you meet an interesting partner, delete the app and try to immerse yourself in a relationship with him. Concentrate on communication Alarm bell – if you meet a person, and in the evenings look through the application, maybe someone more interesting will show up. In this situation, ask yourself what is wrong with my current relationship and why I can’t stop choosing. Perhaps a psychotherapist can help sort this out.

Anthropological studies show that the brain can only process a few options. Theory knows everything about everyone and nothing about everyone. There is no exact number. Everyone’s brain is unique, and yet choosing from a million questionnaires will drive anyone crazy. Choose seven candidates and try to decide which of them is more interesting to you. Be selective.

You can protect yourself from disappointment by the absence of illusions. If you perceive dating apps as a convenient platform for making new acquaintances, then there is a great chance to expand your social circle. Meet new interesting people, get to know yourself better, work with your stiffness when making new acquaintances.

It is not necessary to have sex on the first date with strangers from the application. Engage in long soulful correspondence before meeting online. Hope this week in this application to meet the future husband or wife. If you treat applications with a healthy dose of skepticism, as an opportunity to spend time in an interesting and unbanal way, there will be no high expectations and, accordingly, disappointments.

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