10 Ways To Prepare For A Walking Vacation


Walking holidays or vacations are a truly pedestrian way of exploring the city or countryside during your planned travels. Having the ability to walk around a new location offers unique insight into local culture that you would never otherwise experience. However, it’s crucial to prepare yourself for your walking travels with the following 10 tips!

1. Get Into Shape

It’s important to have the leg and core strength as well as the stamina to do all of the walking you have planned. Get into shape by employing cardio workouts such as jogging, swimming, and of course, walking. Train according to your ability and current fitness levels, and do use helpful aids whenever possible! Trekking poles, for example, can make hiking rough terrain easier.

2. Healthy Dieting

To get into shape for your walking holiday, it’s crucial to eat a well-balanced diet for optimum health. Make sure you change your dieting habits well before your planned travels to give your body time to adjust to the changes. Try eating smaller meals amply spaced out as it gives your body the ability to regulate your blood sugar levels better and to digest your food properly.

3. Invest In Quality Attire

From selecting the right outfit to the proper footwear, investing in quality equipment is crucial to ensuring your success. It may feel tempting to choose lower priced products, but you will often end up with aches and pains that limit your enjoyment of your holiday.

4. Test New Attire

Don’t wait until your actual vacation to figure out your shoes aren’t broken in or your clothes chafe. Before heading off on vacation, make sure to spend some time trying out your new equipment. This also entails breaking in your walking boots to protect against bruising and blistering! Additionally, use this time wisely to learn how to read and operate a compass.

5. Consider The Weather

Always check the weather forecast before packing for your walking trip. This will prevent you from packing attire that’s not seasonally appropriate, and it also eliminates the stress of dealing with inclement weather. If, for example, you’re planning your vacation during the hotter months of the year, aim to walk early mornings when the sun isn’t as high up in the sky.

6. Prepare For Inclement Weather

Weather is oftentimes unpredictable, which is exactly why you need to amply prepare yourself for the journey ahead. Give yourself time to acclimate to new climates or weather you may not have gotten used to back home. Use your time wisely, and bear in mind, this is also the perfect time to double check that your new attire is waterproof!

7. Do Your Own Research

If you’re traveling with a group or through a professional guided tour, it still pays off to do your own research. Learn as much as you possibly can about local culture, the country itself, and the wildlife that live there. You will enjoy a more unique and authentic experience if you have the ability to learn about your destination beforehand.

8. Review Your Itinerary

It’s crucial to acquaint yourself with your future itinerary and not to wait until the last possible moment to figure out your travel route. You’re going to have complete control over how you plan to walk your new destination and having a solid idea of the routes at your disposal will make it a more enjoyable experience. Additionally, find out where you can get food or use the restroom should the need arise! A route that’s planned out with lots of great places to stay in on the way is a good idea too. My Hotel Break offer great deals in some of the best places for walking holidays, somewhere to rest is essential when you will be hiking all day.

9. Prepare For The Worst

Yes, it seems rather bleak to prepare for an emergency ahead of time, but one never knows the obstacles life may throw your way! Research and write down the location and contact information of local authorities to help you in case something unprecedented happens during your outing.

10. Keep Your Smartphone Handy

Your phone is a crucial part of staying safe in a foreign location. Always ensure that your mobile device is amply charged and you have enough roaming minutes to call someone should you need to.

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