5 Tips To Create Awesome Travel Videos


For a long time, traveling has been an intrinsic aspect of every individual’s life. It lets them make some incredible memories that they can treasure forever. Moreover, what’s more, delightful than adoring these travel memories by making engaging travel videos, right?

Nevertheless, many people generally face troubles while creating captivating, high-quality videos. So if you are also looking for some valuable tips to create awesome travel videos you’d like to see again and again, this blog is for you. Keep reading below to learn effective ways to create amazing travel videos.

So let’s get started, shall we?

1. Prepare your story

One of the most effective tips for creating amazing travel videos is to get a solid idea of what you will be shooting before or after arriving at your travel destination. Moreover, if you are a beginner traveler, you must also spend some time conducting adequate research. 

And to better prepare your story, you must look for prominent sightseeing attractions with delightful locations. Next, decide what you wish to record in your travel videos, such as clips of local people, food, or religious festivals. 

2. Do not record everything you see

It is normal for every individual to want to record every minute of their vacation. Nevertheless, you must know that not every vacation moment might be intriguing to record. Therefore, to avoid the hassle of sitting and editing videos for hours, it is rational to capture only some parts of your holiday. 

Moreover, it is best to use only the video clips you might use while making conclusive edits with the help of an online video editing software. Also, another reason you must limit your video recording is that you will barely get time to enjoy your journey with your loved ones. 

3. Make it more about the place and less about yourself

Nowadays, many travel videos concentrate more on the person recording them and how amazing their lives look. However, this is not the right approach and is generally not the purpose of travel videos. In addition, travel videos are thought to convey a story about a place expressing the panoramas, the residents, and the delicacies, not a medium to exhibit your life.

Therefore, whenever you are recording a travel video, you must always record fewer bits of yourself and more of the locality, people, weather, vibes, and history of that place that bind them all together. It will help you narrate a memorable and fascinating story that will encourage individuals to watch it repeatedly. 

It is the most impactful and only process of drawing engagement and earning higher success. In addition, you could use an editor to edit your video better and ensure that it meets a specific level of consistency and professional quality throughout.

4. Pick the right recording tools

While you can always record amazing videos on your smartphone, it is always a better decision to make a one-time investment in an HD Camcorder or DSLR camera. When you purchase this video recording equipment, you can always make a high-quality, professional-looking video and numerous video transitions.

Likewise, if you are planning a holiday to some hill station or going on a trek, you will always need a durable action camera. And if your budget allows and you have additional space in your luggage, you can also take a drone camera to capture scenic aerial footage to make an exciting holiday video. Furthermore, if you wish to make a fantastic travel video that you want to treasure for a lifetime, it is more reasonable to ensure that the video clips remain related. 

Additionally, making an amazing travel video that is both stable and engaging can take time and effort. It is especially correct if you do not use a tripod. A tripod is such wonderful equipment that will assist you in taking steady shots, which is required to create a polished finished outcome. Also, with the help of a tripod, you can improve your shots’ composition.

5. Perfectly edit your travel videos

You must always use high-quality online video editing software to edit your travel videos perfectly. Also, note that numerous video recorders and computers have in-built video editing software. So you can readily use one of these built-in video editing software to add your narration to your timeline first. It will assist you in determining what clips you need to show your audience. In addition, you must also capture your best clips to your timeline. Listen to the voice narration, and display what you are conveying.

Next, you can always add local sound clips to provide your travel video with more attractiveness. And to better accomplish this, you can always choose the music first and then add it to your travel videos, like the natural sounds or some local folk music and edit your video. It is also reasonable to follow the ten-second rule for recording the video, which will help keep your video interesting.

Additionally, try to remove all those boring bits to keep your videos more interesting and under the ten-second time frame. Doing this will further assist you in publishing your videos to different social media platforms. 

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The Bottom Line 

To sum up, we can say that creating stunning travel videos is a skill, and you will need some time to ace it, just like any other aptitude. Also, it might not be wrong to say that this works like a trial and error method where you must try everything to succeed.

So if you want to create some stunning travel videos that people will adore and you would like to watch repeatedly, grab your camera and record all the fun moments and emotions of your loved ones to relive them later. And when watching these travel videos, you will also notice a higher quality that will compel people to watch those videos again and again. 

 Have a delightful vacation!

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