A Visit to Shiva Tour at Kheerganga


Kheerganga Trek is situated in the Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh, 3,500 meters above ocean level. Likewise, explorers’ eyes can likewise appreciate stunning perspectives on mountains, cascades, mountain creatures, and oaks and cedars. This path uncovers some interesting spots, for example, the Rudra Nag cascade and the Shiv sanctuary.

A tranquil excursion to Kheerganga

Strolling to the mystical Parvati valley actually appears to be a fantasy. You will experience passionate feelings for this glorious valley, goats, lavish green mountains, and serene oak backwoods.

My excursion to Kheerganga trek began when I took my younger sibling and a taxi from Paharganj in Delhi to Kasol. Following 12 hours of exhausting travel and 550 kilometers, we at last arrived at the Castle. In any case, we like to move to the close by town of Tosh, which is one of the most loved objections for youngsters.

At the eatery in Sasi, we ate Aaloo parathas and afterward continued on. We went through the open country and arrived at the delightful town of Tosh, however we had no chance.

We need to rest however much as could reasonably be expected right off the bat. At the close by Amsterdam bistro, you can partake in the neighborhood marketplace, nearby food, and espresso in the evening. We played badminton with nearby young ladies, gave young ladies chocolates, and tapped on different photographs. At last, following a day of difficult work and shaking in Tosh’s smoke, the townspeople sat together.

The intriguing Kheerganga journey, encircled by thick plant life, started the following day in Barshaini. The Parvati River and the Tosh River unite. They are additionally a gathering point. At last, we showed up at headquarters. At Prem Cafe, we partook in a tasty breakfast. From that point, we stroll through the delightful landscape and partake in the unimaginable regular view. We passed a few wooden scaffolds, little cascades, and towns.

On our DSLR, we as a whole took some awesome photographs. Following two hours of moderate strolling, we arrived at Rudra Nag and halted to respect the magnificence of nature. It is viewed as one of the principle vacation spots in the Parvati Valley. This wandering cascade. Here we met a neighborhood who disclosed to us that different towns like Calga, Pulga, and Turga have it. He said that a powerful devil, Tadkasura, crushed Deva millennia prior. Then, at that point the divine beings visited Brahma and requested that Mahdwi acclaim them. It was Mahadev who advised them, “I will resurrect and wed Lord Shiva soon, and the posterity will be the failures of Satan.”

Then, at that point we proceeded with our climb for 3 hours. This path is a serious testing climb. We follow the imprints on the tree. Something like multiple times, my sister asked me a similar inquiry: “How long do we need to walk a day?” Surprisingly, before he posed a similar inquiry once more, we out of nowhere saw one that said “Welcome to Kheerganga,” images. The green grass of

Kheerganga is directly before us. Surprisingly, we put away the sacks in the tent and afterward went to the natural aquifer for an invigorating shower. At last, the weariness was finished. People isolated the pool.

Later we visited the cavern of Kartikeya and appealed to Lord Kartikeya. The superb environment, wonderful beautiful scenes, green backwoods, agreeable individuals, and mending water from the underground aquifers made our excursion advantageous. We remained one night at Kheerganga camp.

We woke up the next day and saw an excellent dawn. Then, at that point, after washing again in the holy warm pool, we followed a similar way towards Kheerganga to Kasol. As far as I might be concerned, this was a baffling climb, which brought a great deal of energy and excitement.

Best an ideal opportunity to visit

The environment of this spot is quiet lasting through the year. The environment is acceptable, with temperatures running somewhere in the range of 15 and 22° C in summer and somewhere in the range of 3 and 10 ° C in winter. At the eatery in Sasi, we ate Aaloo parathas and afterward continued on. We went through the open country and arrived at the lovely town of Tosh, yet we had no chance.

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