Hampta Pass Trek Guide 2021

Hampta pass trek

The Hampta pass trek associates Kullu valley with Lahaul valley at an elevation of 14,100 feet and is perhaps the best spot to visit Manali, the excellent slope city in Himachal Pradesh, India. Assuming you need to encounter a moderate trek with scenic varieties from tremendous fields to seething streams, from high stone mountains to frigid patches, Hampta is the one to enchant you. The strength of this course is dusk setting up camp on snow. In mid-June, the measure of snow will cause you to accept as though you are trekking in the Arctic locale. The trek is moderate grade one so regardless of whether you are a novice trekker, you can appreciate it.

Simplest and Convenient

It is safe to say that you are an admirer of experience yet not in great shape enough to face the challenges of a trek in the Himalayas, the dazing mountain range which makes certain to entrance you? Hampta pass trek is the answer for your concern. A trek to Hampta pass will leave you in awe of this lovely spot. The course offers a bundle of energies. The variety in the path is huge. You make certain to get astounded by the knolls, green fields, beautiful scenes and icy valleys in your trek course. Simple access and an excellent, audacious and hair rising excursion across the pass makes it an exceptional experience to encounter.

The Trek

Day 1:

Jobra is the headquarters for the Hampta Pass trek. From Jobra, the camping area is a 30-minute trek in the midst of a blended backwoods of pine, radiant green maple trees, and brilliant silver birch.

Day 2:

From Jobra you would cross stunning stones, and Rani Nallah on this day and arrive at Chika. Go on vacation here. The glade here has the Rani Nallah or Rani waterway streaming in the middle and on one or the other side, you will see slopes with rock faces. The right bank of the stream is bound with bantam Rhododendrons in the lower and center area of the mountain and Birch trees develop at the upper end. The snow-covered lofty Dhauladhar range welcomes you with all its awesomeness. There is a cascade to your left side in this spot. You can top off your water compartments here.

Day 3:

On this day you will encounter the Lahaul and Spiti Valley. Feel the tranquil placidity that encompasses the valley. The shepherds come here to take care of their sheep with the green grass that develops around the space. The landscape smooths as you arrive at Chota Balu ka Ghera where you can rest for a little and have a speedy bite. Set up your shelter and partake in an excellent nightfall behind the Hanuman Tibba top. You are presently near 12,500 ft above ocean level.

Day 4:

Here you get a perspective on the wonderful Pir Panjal scopes of the internal Himalayas. In Spiti, the height is very high and you get a tremendous perspective on the grand mountains. This is the principal significant slope you will experience. During late-spring, there is a decent possibility that this whole segment is loaded up with snow. At different occasions, you might get just a few patches of snow. Three ways – Spiti, Hampta Pass, and Rohtang Pass unite here and prompt Chatru, the rich green desert spring in the chilly infertile desert that invites its peaceful serenity. Take a full breath and feel the newness of the cool wind liberated from all dangers and poison levels. This is where you can pick a comfortable camping area on the bank of the waterway. Rest cheerfully; you have reached in front of the Hampta Pass.

Best an ideal opportunity to visit Humta pass trek

Center of June to the center of October is the best and ideal opportunity for Hampta Pass Trek. This is likewise the best and ideal opportunity to visit Manali and nearby places. The climate here is charming during this period and the temperature ranges between 12 – 20 degrees Celsius. Trekking in this season gives an astonishing encounter of investigating your existence with extraordinary tints of nature.


• By air: Bhuntar air terminal is 52 km from Manali. Bhuntar is associated with Delhi and numerous different air terminals of the country. Private cabs from Bhuntar to Manali are accessible without any problem. Recruit a private vehicle and arrive at the Jobra headquarters.

• By transport: Roads interfacing Manali and the headquarters in Jobra with various pieces of the nation takes you to the site effortlessly. Transports from Delhi to Manali take approx 15 hours and you can purchase the tickets from the authority site of HRTC.

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