How To Chase Perfection In Academic Writing: Where The Pitfall Lies?


One of the biggest challenges during the academic performance is to chase perfectionism. However, the sense of perfectionism in academic writing is the most ground-breaking!

Perfection corresponds to determining whether sources are used effectively and if the academic writing is flowing in the best way. Undoubtedly, the reader would find it the greatest, most provoking piece of writing ever!

Being a perfectionist has its perks. Presently, students look frustrated and worried as writing is their most difficult and challenging task. So, how can a student get perfection and novelty in his writing? 

Worry not. We are here to let you know the drawbacks of your writing that you must overcome to compose the best essay/papers you have dreamed of! So, let’s read this article without wasting a second!

The Most Common Essay Writing Challenges

Here are some typical blockages students face when starting or finishing an essay.

  • Lack of Adequate Information

When requested to compose an essay on a subject that is needed by the school, many students have difficulty doing it. The key component contributing to the problem is the lack of background knowledge.

This issue may have been exacerbated by the student’s absence from class and lack of note-taking throughout the course. It’s possible that they only have a cursory understanding of the topic. Anyone impacted by this will automatically become poorly informed on any topic.

  • Insufficient Self-Esteem

The most prevalent issue students confront when composing essays is a lack of confidence in their abilities and skills. Students who doubt their abilities sometimes struggle to get their assignments started.

Students are doubtful about their capacity to complete the assignment. And if they have enough self-doubt to put off starting their paper altogether, that is a problem.

Since these students already have a preconceived notion that they will receive a failing score regardless of how well they do the work, they are much more likely not to turn in the assignment.

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  • The Discrepancy In Writing Abilities

Some students may feel comfortable in front of a computer and have enough ideas for their papers, but if they struggle with the language, their essays will not impress their professors.

A poorly written paper results from careless word choice, sloppy sentence construction, and the omission or incorrect use of punctuation and other standard English conventions. Some students may even use technical phrases and jargon to impress their teacher. Of course, this strategy frequently backfires.

Tips For Tackling Essay Writing Challenges

Do you seek knowledge about perfecting your written assignments? How does an ideal research paper sound? Help is a few tips for you:

  • To Get Professional Help

The abilities of pupils can be developed in many different ways. They can enroll in online courses or go to a local school or tutorial center to receive conventional education. Also, Cheap Essay Writers can be a great help for the students! Professional assistance can help the students to compose the best quality essays!

Further, if pupils make mistakes, they should write every day. If they can learn from their errors, they will improve as writers. Finally, students who are stumped on where to begin an essay can always seek advice from those around them who have more expertise.

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  • Freewriting

Don’t worry about the outcome of your writing; just let your imagination run wild. Let your thoughts wander while you write in freewriting. What other people think of your writing at this point is irrelevant. Test your limits to discover how far you can go and have fun with it. 

In this stage of freewriting, whatever you produce will only be seen by you; There is no need to be concerned about being criticized or altered in any way.

  • Adding More Research To The Topic

A topic discussed extensively in the past is assigned to the students. Sometimes, this may prevent the student from progressing with their paper. They have no room for discoveries and no voice in the matter. By digging deeper, students can uncover a topic that piques their interest. 

And leads to fruitful exploration, analysis, and discussion. Students can also solicit advice from adults outside of the classroom.


In conclusion, the challenges mentioned above represent the most common types of obstacles that students face when crafting essays. Remember that many students have trouble writing essays because it is not something that comes naturally to them. It is something that you should keep in mind. 

If you cannot progress with the writing process, it may be helpful to analyze why this is the case, follow the advice, and engage in regular practice. If you find that you cannot move forward with the writing process, it may also be helpful to write regularly.

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