How To Display Clothing at a Trade Show

Display Clothing at a Trade Show

Custom trade show displays showcase your products and services, enhancing your brand recognition.  These displays can also help you stand out from the competition and attract many customers, increasing your sales. Invest in trade show displays that suit your business needs to make your brand more personable and create an unforgettable first impression for potential customers. Here are ways to display clothing during a trade show to make the most of the exhibition.

Use Clothing Racks

Clothing racks can make your clothes look organized and attractive on display. Racks allow you to arrange your clothing according to size, design, color, or branding without taking up a big space. They’re also browser-friendly, allowing shoppers to slide through whole rows of clothes quickly. Here are some clothing racks you can use for your trade show display:

  • Single and double bar racks 
  • Spiral and round racks
  • Belt and tie racks
  • Shoe racks
  • 4 and 2-way racks

These racks can protect your clothes from creasing so your customers can buy them ready-to-wear. You as the seller won’t have to struggle with folding clothes perfectly after each time customers go through the stock. This saves you time, letting you focus on other things that can maximize the trade show’s benefits.

Clothes Hangers

Clothes hangers allow you to keep your garments wrinkle-free and present them in the best way possible to attract more customers. The hangers help attendees to easily see your clothes, helping them spot their size at a glance. You can hang different colors or styles behind each other for buyers to know the available options.

Some examples of clothes hangers are:

  • Wire hangers
  • Heavy-duty hangers 
  • Body form 
  • Sliding pegs hangers

Use padded hangers to display delicate products that require extra care, such as bridal and prom dresses. Clothes hangers are made in different materials and designs, so get the ones that perfectly suit the clothes you’re displaying. 

Use Mannequins

Mannequins can highlight your unique collections and create an eye-catching display, driving more sales to your business.  They also help shoppers see how particular clothing would look on them or the people they want to buy it for, influencing their buying decision. The following are types of mannequins you can use:

  • Abstract mannequins
  • Tailors’ dummies
  • Realistic mannequins 
  • Headless mannequins
  • Display forms

Choose the mannequin’s shape, color, and size according to your brand and target market. The dummy should not be placed at your booth’s entrance as it can block the way for potential buyers, stylists, or other visitors.

Use Your Friends as Models

Get your friends or relatives to wear your clothing and act as your models during the exhibition. Your models can be any gender, body size, and height, depending on your brand needs. The models can stand at the entrance of your booth or walk around at the trade show to increase your brand visibility. They are also a great tool to provide information to visitors about the quality and feel of the clothing item, answering questions and providing vocal advertising. 

Tips to Prepare for a Clothing Display at a Trade Show

Your selection should contain unique and latest fashion trends to attract customers and increase sales. Don’t gather too many samples, as your booth may look overcrowded and messy. Organize the clothing samples according to color or style, then by size. 

Choose clothing colors that complement each other to create an attractive display and long-lasting first impression. 

Invest in Quality Custom Trade Show Displays

Custom trade show displays can help market your clothing business, increasing brand recognition. These displays can also increase your visibility at the exhibition, attracting more attendees to your booth. Set up a unique clothing display to set your brand apart from competitors and generate more sales.

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