What to do When You Become a Victim of Catastrophic Injury?

Close-up of broken left leg and new prosthetic on left with limb amputated below the knee. The patient about to bear weight and stand for the first time since the boat explosion.

Catastrophic injuries can affect the individual badly. It is an adverse situation where the victim is affected physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. Catastrophic injuries are not always permanent. However, they may take a long time to heal which can take too much time for the victim to get back to a normal routine. 

In such a condition, what are the right steps to take to make the journey easier? In this article, we will guide you thoroughly to help you get through the difficult time by following tips. 

1. Call an Emergency Service

When you become a victim of catastrophic injury, no matter how bad the situation is, try to call emergency services to reach the accident site. Getting medical assistance on time will help your injuries to heal in a better way. In addition, it will help you prevent major damage that could be permanent if not treated on time. 

Emergency services can reach the accident site in less time than others. They are prepared 24/7 to deal with any medical emergency and therefore, can reach and treat properly on time. Moreover, they can document the incident and your injuries which could be helpful later if you decided to hire a catastrophic injury attorney for a compensation claim. 

2. Hire a Professional Lawyer

Being a victim of catastrophic injury you might not get the idea to hire a personal injury lawyer right away. However, hire a lawyer instantly when you feel a little better. A professional attorney can help you fight the case against the opposing party and get you your catastrophic injury claim. Remember, catastrophic injury can take a toll on your health and finances for a very long time. And you need a compensation claim to ease the journey. 

Your attorney will help you get the right treatment so you can heal quickly. He will prevent you from being manipulated by the opponent party and demand a compensation claim that you deserve. You being a victim cannot estimate the future cost of medical bills and expenses of day-to-day lives. Your job is surely going to be affected and your lawyer knows exactly how to pull some strings and get you a claim to get you the best deal. 

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3. Keep the Medical Records Safe

Keep all the medical documents and bill receipts safe. If possible get multiple copies of the original for the safe side. You might need to present it to court to show the damage the accident has caused due to someone else’s negligence. It will help your lawyer to build a strong case against your opponent party. Provide your lawyer with all the records so he knows the damage done. 

In addition, you can ask the medical staff that treated you on the accident site to record their statements. It will prevent the opposing party from any false claims. Involve your lawyer, he will investigate the case further and provide evidence to build an airtight case. 

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