How to Plan a Pro Golf Tour

How to Plan a Pro Golf Tour

Over 37 million Americans played golf in 2021 alone.

If you’re in the big leagues – or just a big fan – you might be interested in planning your own pro golf tour.

But how do you pull it off? Let’s go through how to plan a pro golf tour.

Have People On Board

To throw a golf tour, you need to have people actually playing. So, before you start putting money down, reach out to golfers and see what their interest levels are. 

Ideally, you’ll also want to get sponsors for your event. That way, you won’t just be spending your own money throwing the event, and you won’t have to rely on ticket sales or concessions. If you have big names on board, it’s more likely that sponsors will be willing to risk their money on a brand new golf event.

Brand It Right

You want to bring in the spectators for your golf event, right? That’s why you’ll need to ensure your event branding is on point. Choose a name that really sticks out, but still portrays what your event is all about – golf!

Once your branding is ready, you’ll need to start marketing your event. Your marketing should target golf lovers, people who might actually attend the event.

You should focus on the areas where you’ll be holding golf events but not exclusively. If you have big enough names, people might want to fly in to enjoy your golf event.

Ensure that your marketing materials clearly explain where your golf tour will be held, where each event will be, and how they can buy tickets. You don’t want people to get bored and give up if they can’t figure out how to get themselves to your event.

Choose the Best Golf Courses

There are golf courses all over the world. But when you’re planning a pro golf tour, you want to ensure that you’re choosing golf courses that meet your needs.

Are you having trouble making a decision? Check out

Have Back-Up Plans

When you’re hosting events, anything can happen. So, think about what you’ll do in the event of different emergencies, and have plans in place to ensure the show will go on. Always have event insurance – after all, there are lots of factors you can’t control when you’re event planning.

One major factor to consider is the weather. Since golf is outside, you’ll be a lot more prone to problems. Plan your golf tour at places where you’re less likely to face sudden weather changes, and try and book it for warmer times of the year – a sudden snowstorm would certainly be catastrophic. 

Start Planning a Pro Golf Tour Today

It’s not as difficult as you might think to pull off an amazing pro golf tour.

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