Insider guide to touring on Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast

A trip to the Mediterranean can be as alluring as it can get. Italy is one of the most beautiful locations along the Mediterranean Bay and gets thousands of visitors every year. The Amalfi Coast is a true gem if you are looking for a quaint place with picturesque nature elevating its beauty. The stretch of coastline is enticing, to say the least and is lined with hidden beaches, fishing villages and cliffs with narrow streets. The Amalfi Coast is where the mighty mountains meet the soothing sea. For an ultimate vacation experience, book the best luxury villas for rent in Amalfi Coast. The villas boast of amenities and facilities and present to you the experience of having a relaxing vacation.

UNESCO has hailed the Amalfi Coast as a World Heritage Site for its natural diversity and beauty. The place also has a historical significance owing to its ancient cathedrals. Amalfi Coast is filled with tempting restaurants to lush resorts and gives a chance to its visitors to explore the deepest truths of the rugged landscapes.

Best Time to Visit

Having a typical Mediterranean climate with hot summers and cool winters, Amalfi Coast remains vibrant with tourists mostly during the spring and the summer season. If you want to take a trip between June to August, book the best luxury villas for rent on Amalfi Coastin advance since the resorts are in high demand during this season. The period between May to September is the perfect time to visit since the crowd starts thinning and the temperature starts becoming moderate as well. Towards the close of winter, shops and restaurants tend to get closed and there are almost no tourists on Amalfi Coast.

How to Get Around

Amalfi Coast has limited options when it comes to moving around. You can book your own car if you prefer to drive around, but you need to be patient about that as the streets and lanes are narrow and have limited parking space. SITA buses can be availed to travel between Amalfi Coast and the nearby towns, but those become quite crowded in the summer seasons. Ferries are a good option to enjoy the view of the coast and the skyline, but you have to visit the place during the main tourist season to get bookings of ferries. All in all, you can choose your preferred transport but have to bear with the cons as well.

A trip to the Amalfi Coast remains incomplete without visiting its delightful beaches. As you look for the best luxury villas for rent on Amalfi Coast, make sure that the area is closer to the beaches so that you can go down there whenever you are in the mood for a swim in the Mediterranean Sea. Experiencing the Italian wonders of this beautiful coastal stretch is what you came for here. To make the best deals in hotels at convenient locations, get in touch with us at Rental Homes without delay.

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