Top 6 Addictions Treated at Rehab Centers in Houston

Rehab Centers in Houston

The U.S. is going through a drug crisis, as people are not only addicted to alcohol and illegal substances, they also have addictions to prescriptions drugs. Therefore, rehab centers are addressing a variety of treatment concerns. The following information details treatment for the 6 major addictions at drug rehab facilities in Houston.

Drug and alcohol abuse has slowly become more and more common all over the world. This is mainly due to the fact that these substances have become extremely easy to get. Not to mention mainstream media has also spent decades glorifying drug and alcohol abuse. If you are currently abusing drugs or alcohol then you might want to look into getting treatment. Drug and alcohol rehab might just be your best bet to get clean again.

1. Prescription Painkillers or Opioids

Painkillers are used to deaden pain, especially if someone has problems with back pain, joint pain, or severe headaches. Some people rely on prescription painkillers to the point that they become addicted to them.

For example, people who experience moderate pain may take the opioid, codeine. This medicine also  falls under the classification of a narcotic analgesic. The pain reliever reduces pain by acting upon the central nervous system (CNS).

Other pain medicines, available by prescription, include Vicodin and Oxycontin. Both medications are known as prescription opioids and are used to treat moderate to severe discomfort.

It is easy to see why an addiction may develop to a pain medication, as people do not want to live their daily lives in moderate or chronic pain.

Some people do not realize they are addicted until they cease using the medicine. Prescription painkillers may also be abused without a prescription. To combat the addiction, drugs, such as suboxone, are used to treat opioid abuse.

2. Mood Regulators – Benzodiazepines

Benzodiazepines or Benzos are used to manage stress and anxiety. The anti-anxiety drugs may fall under the names of Valium or Xanax. Most people who develop an addiction find out too late that they are dependent on the drugs.

Benzos have a powerful influence on brain chemistry. Therefore, patients entering a rehab for drug and alcohol addiction need medical intervention when going through a withdrawal.

3. Stimulant Drugs and Narcotics

Stimulants may include prescription medications, such as Ritalin, or illegal substances, such as meth. These drugs are exceptionally addictive. Therefore, detox can be difficult. A user can easily succumb to the drug’s related type of high, which can trigger increased use or an overdose.

4. Inhalants – Volatile Toxic Substances

An addiction to inhalants may easily lead to immediate death. That is because they are considered volatile toxic substances. Moreover, the chemicals contained in inhalants may settle in the body long after the user stops using them. As a result, recovering from the addiction may prove to be difficult or lead to complications.

5. Barbiturates – Sleeping Pills and Sedatives

Many people in the U.S. are given sleeping pills to help them sleep. Sleeping pills or barbiturates may also be used to treat problems with tension. Building up a tolerance is easy, especially if the user has an ongoing sleep problem or is stressed from work or another activity. The mind-altering effects of the drugs can spark a problem with continued use.

6. Alcoholic Consumption and Abuse

While drinking alcohol is socially acceptable, it does not make it any less of a problem. In fact, alcohol’s social acceptance makes an addiction difficult to recognize. People who drink open themselves up to a variety of health risks, including death or injury from driving while drunk, liver disease, and blackouts.

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