Why Your Nike Dunk Might be an Undiscovered Asset

Nike Dunk

Many a time, you must have been dusting your attic and found a pair of old sneakers tucked away in their box. While you purchased the sneakers intending to wear them regularly, you often find them forgotten in the dusty world of afterthoughts. However, next time instead of just tossing that shoe away into the trash, it might be a good idea to see the resale value of the item. Believe it or not, most limited edition and luxury goods have a thriving second-hand market. Today we shall look into one such product with a potentially exciting resale value – the Nike Dunk.

What makes these shoes so special amongst the collector community?

  • Many people cite the timeless appeal that the shoe design portrays. It is popular across multiple age groups and thereby has a much larger demographic reach.
  • The cleaner silhouette and aesthetic have found resurgence again recently. This is mainly due to the throwback movements that social media has recently brought into the limelight. This has brought an older shoe model a new wave of the limelight with Gen Z now playing a pivotal role. 
  • Influencers and celebrities have pushed for the product indirectly as well through their social media platforms. Some of the most notable names associated with the Nike Dunk include Travis Scott, Virgil Abloh, and Ambush. This has increased the visibility of the product by a huge margin.
  • Nikes own marketing strategy also comes to the forefront here. Nike has always been known to create a sense of vacuum in the market. They instigate demand within the demographics and then supply the new shoes 2022 in lower amounts. This creates a sort of constant hype around the products.
  • The shoes also have a sort of collaborative feature about them. They are present in a wide variety of colours and have collaborated with aspirational names such as Travis Scott and Off White. This makes it such that you are bound to find a pair of these shoes to your liking.

How to know if your shoe is the real deal?

Following are some markers to identify whether you have gotten yourself a real pair of these shoes and what to ensure if you are planning on reselling them.

  • Check within the interior tongue label to identify whether your product is fake or not. These are giveaways in the form of different font styles or sizing. Sometimes the colour also might be slightly off. 
  • Check the shoe for the details at the back. You will see a Nike logo stitched onto it. If you look closely at the fakes, you can see that the stitching is much less dense compared to the real deal.
  • The Nike swoosh logo can be a giveaway too. The real logo is incorporated with the overall stitching and design, and you will find fake logos to have almost a sort of pasted-on look to them. The stitching also tends to be choppier.
  • The size tags also vary between the authentic product and the knock-offs. The original size tags are generally bigger compared to the fakes. 
  • The box toe perforations will vary too. The authentic product will have what looks like deeper perforations while the fake product will have shallow ones.
  • Midsole stitching is comparatively more aligned and continuous in original Nike shoes, while it looks a bit unfinished in the fake products.
  • The authentic Nike design allows for a puffier toe box which cannot be generally replicated by the fake designs, which tend to look much flatter. 

Now that you have been provided with the basic know-how when it comes to your Nike shoes, it might be a good time to get online and look at the approximate reselling price of each. You might be surprised to realize that the global sneaker reselling community is growing at a rate of over 100% per year. These shoes specifically have been motioned to be in trend over a long time. So, if you are worried that you are left with an extra pair of shoes you no longer cherish, it might be a great idea to find a new home for them. 

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