Public vs. Private Transfers: What to Choose?


When travelling abroad, the first question you may have is if you need a private transfer solution or if you can hold onto public transport options. The UK is one of the world’s countries that offers many transport options, including chauffeur services, airport pickups, and long-term arrangements, regardless of whether you use a public or private company.

Many decide to use luxury airport transfer companies to pick them up upon arrival. In London, these companies cover all airports, especially Heathrow and Gatwick, or any other by client’s request.

But do you necessarily need to hire a private transfer company, or can you safely travel relying on public transport?

We have a list of pros and cons to help you choose:

Public Transport

In London, the public transport network includes the London Underground, railways, public buses, trams, taxis, and river sailing services.

Why Choose Public Transport in London?

Public transport options are cheaper compared to public transport services. You can plan your trip and save money. Sometimes, it goes as planned, so many people swear they will use this option forever.

London is known for its strong public transport network and well-connected neighbourhoods. You can combine different types of transport to get to every point in the city. Also, when going outside the city, you have available trains and buses, which makes the whole thing easier for you.

Public Transport Cons

Sometimes, the schedule doesn’t fit your plans. Many people dislike vehicle hygiene and prefer less crowded options. Even when they arrive by plane, they choose airport luxury transfers instead of the usual taxi service.

Public transport can be a more expensive option depending on where you go and how many people travel with you. For example, when you travel in a group of four, you have to buy tickets for every person. Check if the summarized ticket price gets close to public transfers. If the sum is almost equal to the private chauffeuring service, then you can choose the more comfortable one without thinking twice.

Private Chauffeuring

When you choose private transport, you don’t need to share the vehicle with people you don’t know. Also, you don’t have to wait for a late bus, because you are getting a service specially tailored to your needs.

Private Transport Benefits

Maybe these transport options won’t save you money, but you’ll be comfortable and safe during the trip. It also saves a lot of time, which sometimes is more important than the amount of money you’ll pay.

Additionally, you can organize different types of services, like concierge service, long-distance excursions, or Heathrow or Gatwick airport chauffeur pickup, for more convenient travel.

While chauffeurs are always accountable and professional, you will get the most for your trip, no matter the circumstances.

Eventual Private Transfers Cons

Sometimes, this service may get quite expensive because it’s fast, customized, and always professional. Many consider private chauffeuring a luxurious service, and they are right.

So, it’s up to you to measure the benefits and negative sides, and decide how to commute through London or any other city that has this option available.

Which One to Choose?

When you travel, you need to know how much time you have and what’s the purpose of your trip. If you travel for fun, you may adjust the expenses and combine public and private transport options. When you travel on a budget, you must plan all the money ahead because you shouldn’t let yourself be completely broke in a foreign country.

But, when you need to organize a corporate event abroad or you want to enhance your honeymoon experience, then the choice is more than obvious.

It doesn’t mean you can’t rely on public options, but as we said, private services offer extraordinary comfort and personalized service, which is one of the reasons to choose them for more exclusive and luxurious events.

Keep in mind that the benefits and disadvantages we mentioned don’t always apply to any choice. That’s just a general opinion which will help you see the differences and choose accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Planning ahead will help you adjust your travel expenses. Once you are sure, you’ll travel, check on the plane ticket price, and think about all the transfer options you have. Sometimes, when you book the chauffeur service early, you can get a great deal, which is great for your further planning.

Or you can travel completely free, without any boundaries. The best thing is that both public and private transfers are last-minute available. So, if you appreciate your freedom, focus on the best experience you may have.

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Sometimes, that would be walking around the city and exploring hidden corners, and other times a long-distance private excursion, all by yourself. It’s up to you because it’s impossible to tell which one is a better choice without knowing a person’s beliefs and preferences.

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