Yachts Vs. Sailboats: Which One Should You Choose?

Yachts Vs. Sailboats

Yachts, sailboats, and motorboats are the most popular vessels you’ll spot during your nautical adventure. But did you know there’s a fundamental difference between yachts and sailboats?

If you’re a seasoned boating enthusiast, you’ll already know the difference. But if you’re a newbie in boat culture, you might not understand the difference. When you browse for vessels on an online venue for private yacht rental Toronto, you might come across both yachts and sailboats.

So what’s the difference, and which vessel should you choose for your summertime fun days? Let’s find out!


What Is A Sail Boat?

A sailboat is any boat or watercraft with sails integrated into the design. Sailboats are wind-powered. These vessels move through the water by wind propulsion (a force applied by the wind to the large sail). The most distinguishing features of a sailboat are a large mast accompanied by an attached triangular-shaped sail and a minimalist design.


Therefore, sailing can be defined as navigating a wind-powered sailboat, applying force to the boat’s sail. Sailing can be of two types: cruising and racing.

Therefore when you rent a boat Montreal or Toronto, ensure to inquire about the condition of the sails and check them before taking the handover.

What Is A Yacht?

A yacht is a watercraft or vessel specifically designed for recreational purposes, typically for pleasure and leisure. Yachts are one of the most luxurious and top-notch vessels available on the market.

  • The size and aesthetics are the most distinctive features of a yacht. A sharp prow, gleaming varnish, graceful lines, shiny hulls, sophisticated hardware, jaunty ensign angles, proper flow burgees, comfortable and plush interiors with bedrooms, kitchens and washrooms (not mandatory).
  • Additionally, yachts are equipped with more navigational tools and systems than sailboats, especially useful for long seafaring trips.

At online rental venues, you can find various types of yachts. Rent a yacht Toronto that suits your budget, guestlist and requirements.

Size Of The Vessel

Sizing is one of the fundamental differences between a yacht and a sailboat. The average sailboat is typically much smaller and has less space than a yacht. Of course, exceptions do exist.

When you charter a yacht Toronto or rent a sailboat, pay attention to the size.

  • The size determines the rental pricing, accommodation capacity and the number of interior amenities.
  • While trying to save on your budget, you might opt for a smaller boat. However, with a smaller size, you’ll have less room for storage, emergency supplies and even for movement and relaxation.
  • Therefore prepare your guest list in advance and choose an optimally sized yacht for your aquatic adventures.

Sailboats are designed with space comfortable for two to three people to move comfortably. However, larger sailboats can have bigger accommodations. On the other hand, standard yachts have the capacity to accommodate 6-12 persons.


On an online venue for sailboat and luxury yacht rental Toronto, you’ll find hourly rental prices for both yachts and sailboats. However, these rental prices vary depending on the boat’s condition, amenity, and size. Generally, luxury yachts have higher prices than traditional sailboats due to the premium amenities.

However, iconic sailboats with a glorifying history might have a significantly higher rental price than yachts.

Captain and Crew

Generally, sailboats are rented under the bareboat category without any captain. Due to limited space and the requirement for privacy, sailboats are generally non-captained boats. However, if you require an expert to help you out with sailing, you can always request the owner for a skipper at an additional cost, hire a professional skipper or invite a friend with experience.

If you plan to rent a sailboat, you can probably handle everything yourself since there are relatively fewer computer components, and chances are you won’t have an engine.

Yachts, on the other hand, have a complicated mechanism. You’ll need specialized skills in navigation and engineering. However, some yachts might have simple mechanisms and can be handled with a basic understanding. However, you’ll require a boating licence to operate most yachts.

Before you charter a yacht Toronto, have a detailed discussion with the vessel owner about the features and mechanisms within the yacht. This will prevent any complications with navigation and handling during your holiday adventure.


Types of sailboats include:

  • Beach catamarans: 14-20 ft. long and fast.
  • Cruising catamarans: 25-50 ft. in length with ample accommodation for extended cruising
  • Cruising sailboats: 16-50+ ft. long, great for family and group water adventures.
  • Daysailers: 14-20 ft. long, one of the most common sailboats for rent and are meant for day sailing with a capacity of upto 4 passengers, great for newbies.
  • Motorsailers: 35 ft.+ long, powered with engines for long cruises. However, luxury comes at the cost of speed due to the added weight of the engine, gas tanks and water tanks.
  • Racer-Cruisers: 25 ft.+, hybrid sailboats designed specifically for competitive racing and overnight cruising. These might have one of the most expensive rental prices.
  • Racing sailboats: 20-70ft.+ in length. Explicitly designed for racing.
  • Sailing dinghies: under 15 ft. long, traditional and simple sailboats perfect fr a short and sweet romantic day trip.

Types Of Yachts Include

  • Explorer/Expedition yachts: developed for long maritime voyages
  • Motor yachts: a most popular party yachts you’ll find on an online venue for privateyacht rental Toronto   
  • Classic yachts: vintage yachts, generally handcrafted with wood
  • Fishing yachts: ideal for fishing charters
  • Gulet yachts: offers high stability and sturdiness; good for sailing vacations
  • Catamaran yachts: luxurious yachts with ample space and containing more than one hull
  • Cruisers: highly versatile yachts, perfect for recreational trips
  • Hybrid yachts: hybrid propulsion systems powered by a combination of electric battery and engine power. During your trip can be switched between electric, diesel/electric, and full diesel mode.
  • Open yachts/Sports cruisers: fast and sporty

Choose The Perfect Vessel From An Online Rental Venue

Whether you’re venturing into the mild waters or the wilderness of the seas, renting the perfect vessel is the key to having a great time with your family or friends. Online venues for luxury yacht rental Toronto or Montreal connect you directly to the boat owner. You can share your requirements, clear your queries and get to know the rules and regulations of a particular destination you’re planning to travel to. Happy voyaging! You can get more interesting articles on watercraft menu and party boat here.

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